One more thing ! ......

Sahasaa vidadhita na kriyam.. No..Not in a hurry !


सहसा विअदधीतनः क्रियां अविवॆकः परमापदां पदं।
वृणतॆ हि विमृश्यकारिणं गुणलुब्धाः स्वयमॆव संपदः॥

One should not do anything in a hurry, A person who does not deliberate ( avivekaha) faces great calamities . Fortunes which are always attached to merits, seek on their own one who acts with reflection .

This is a famous often quoted couplet that comes in Kiratarjuniyam of Bharavi . This is what Dharmaraja says to an impatient Bhima wanting to take revenge on Kauravas.

Bharavis Kiratarjuniyam , along with Kalidasas Kumarasambhavam and Raghuvamsam , Magha's Sishupalavadha , and Sri Harsha's Naisaditya Charitam constitute the five great epics ( Panchamahakavya )

Bharavi is one of the foremost poets of Sanskrit literature . and is rated as the one only next to Kalidasa .

There are interesting stories about the above Sloka.

Bharavi showed immense capabilities of a poet even from his childhood. While everybody around was delighted, his father would conceal his own joy and say ,”He is still a boy. What poetic talent he may possess? What will he know of the secret of Poetry?”. Angered Bharavi with wicked thoughts overtaking him wants to kill his father. As he secretly gets ready to kill his father , he hears his mother asking the same question to his father. His father tells his wife “ Beloved , do you think I do not know our son's abilities and talents? There is no doubt about his scholarship. But even though others praise him , we should not do so in front of him if we wish his well being”. Hearing this Bharavi felt ashamed and prostrated before his father and asked for forgiveness and a punishment.

Father tells him suitable punishment is to stay in his father in laws house for six months! The couple went back to his father in law's place. The father in law and mother in law were happy to see them initially. When there were no signs of returning, then the royal treatment turned to disrespect very quickly. One day his wife was unable to bear the insults and was crying. Bharavi consoled her and read her this poem. She sold the poem to a merchant who gave her hundred gold coins which sufficed till the end of her six month stay at her father's house.

Another story was that Bharavi was suffering from poverty and his wife was furious. So he set out to make money . On the way he stopped at a tank and wrote this Sloka on a lotus leaf with his nail . A king passing by saw the poem and liked it very much and wanted to honor the poet. He also had the poem etched in gold and hung it in his bed room. One day he came back home to find a stranger lying next to his wife. He took out his sword to kill the stranger and his wife. As he looked up saw the Sloka etched in gold. He restrained himself and woke up his wife. His wife was delighted to see him and told the king that the stranger is none other than their long lost son!! King realized that the Sloka saved him and located Bharavi and honored him.

Both are only anecdotes with no historical basis

||om tat sat||