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Subhaashitaalu - keeping good company


( ref-bhagavatam 10;48:31)

"It is not that the holy waters are not altogether Holy. It is also not that images made of clay or stone are not divine.While these take a long time to purify our mind, the holy men accomplish it by their very Darshan".

So says Krishna.

Sri Krishna speaks about the value of holy company. This thought recurs several times in Bhagavatam.The philosophy of association with Holy people and their Darshan is embedded in the Indian psyche so much so that if a holy man is visiting people go for darshan if not learning.

The point made here is more than darshan. Association with holy people keeps one on the right side of the chosen path.

It is also some thing we get drilled from the childhood -" keep good company !!"

Om Tat Sat.