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'Let it be explained to me' - Krishna

“My dear father, what is this flurry of activity for , what is the expectation? . By what means , for whose sake is this sacrifice . Let it be explained to me . …This act (is) .. learnt from the scriptures or ordinary custom of the society . I am enquiring. That should be clearly explained! ….”

Thus spoke Krishna. He was addressing his father Nanda

This is from the story of Govardhan puja in Dasama Skandha of Bhagavatam.

There is a lesson in this for parents who are aghast at any questioning by the younger generation. There are more customs and practices that we follow which may have out lived their times but when questioned, one is likely to fall into a trap of defending our “way of life”. Nanda's attitude is admirable. He explained his thought . He heard Krishna fully. He had the patience to hear the other point of view. Not for him the impatience that comes out of overbearing confidence in his own point of view, rest of the world be damned. Even more, he had the confidence to accept an younger ones logic. Not for him the loss of “face”!.

While that is for the parents , there is some thing for the younger generation too !

Krishna though fully convinced he is right, presented his case with respect. Ended his arguments saying “Father, this is my philosophy. May it be followed if it is pleasing”. Of course there were no tantrums !

His argument for action based life is simple “ If there is a supreme controller, one serving to award the results, he must also depend on the performer of activity. For one who performs no activity the master certainly cannot award the results”.

 And finally ..” For people who experience the fruits of their karma what is the use of worshipping Indra ( or any other God !) , who cannot change the karma “.

 So do your duty.

कर्मणा जायते जन्तुः कर्मणैव प्रलीयते। सुखं दुःखं भयं क्षेमं कर्मणैवाभिपध्यते॥

Living beings take birth by the force of Karma. Happiness , unhappiness, fear , security , destruction are results of his karma alone !

That is not the last line; there are further arguments on Karma theory.

For this piece , the point is about being able to question without offending dignity, being able to face questions without feeling " loss of face" !!