Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 86

Subhadraakalyaanam !

"Brahman we would like to know how the sister of Balaram and Krishna and my grandmother married Vijaya (Arjun)?"


Subhadraakalyaanam !

Maharaj Parikshit asked

O! Brahman we would like to know how the sister of Balaram and Krishna and my grandmother Subhadra married my grandfather Vijaya (Arjun).

Suka Deva continued.

O King! Arjun, while on pilgrimage to holy places wandering on the earth came to Praghosa. There he heard that Lord Balaram intends to give his sister to Duryodhana and also that no one else approves that. Wanting to obtain her for himself, putting on the garb of sanyasin he went to Dwaraka. He stayed there for more than three months. Lord Balaram and others not recognizing him honored him with hospitality .One day Lord Balaram welcomed him to his house and Arjun accepted the hospitality. There he saw the enchanting maiden Subhadra and was immediately attracted by her. Subhadra also seeing Arjun who is handsome wanted to have him as her husband .Thinking about her and waiting for an opportunity to take her away Arjun had no peace. Once on the occasion of a temple festival, Subhadra rode out of the palace on a chariot. On that occasion Arjun took the opportunity to kidnap her. The parents of Subhadra and Lord Krishna approved of this .The valiant warrior that he is, Arjun drove off all those who opposed him.

Though Lord Balaram became angry on hearing the news of the kidnapping of Subhadra. However Lord Krishna pacified him. Lord Balaram finally approved of the same and actually sent gifts to the married couple.

Suka Deva continued

‘O King I will tell you more about Krishna and his devotees'

‘There was a Brahman devotee by name Srutadeva. He was peaceful learned and free from the control of senses. Living as religious householder he managed to meet his obligations with whatever sustenance that came his way. Somehow he always obtained what he needed for sustenance and no more, yet he met his religious obligations'.

‘The ruler of Mithila also is another devotee of Lord Krishna and similarly free for false ego'.

‘Pleased with both of them Lord Krishna traveled to Mithila along with several sages'.

‘Among them were the sages, Vamadeva, Atri Krishna Dvaipayana, Vyasa, Parasurama, and Asita Aruni, myself, Brihaspati Kanva, Maitreya, and Chyavana'.

‘At every village and city people in large numbers would come and meet them offering Arghya (washing the feet). The men and women of Anarta, Dhanva, Kuru- Jangala, Kanka, Matsya, Panchala, Kunti, Madhu, Kekeya, Kosala, Arna, and many other kingdoms had their eye filling darshan of Lord Krishna. He finally reached Mithila'.

‘Having heard that Lord Krishna came, the people of Mithila came in great numbers to receive him. Both the king of Mithila and Srutadeva felt that the Lord has come specifically for him. Both approached the Lord at the same time requesting him to be his guest along with the Brahmans. Wanting to please both, the Lord accepted both invitations and attended both and neither saw the other entering or leaving'.

‘When King of Mithila saw the Lord along with Sages entering, He went forward and received them offering all honors as per scriptures. He honored the Lord and all the accompanying sages with gifts. After they had their food and are fully satisfied, taking the feet of the Lord in his lap and massaging them the king spoke in gentle voice'.

“O Bhagavan! You are the soul of all created beings. You are the soul witness to what happens in our minds. Now for us who are always thinking of your Lotus feet, we can see you now. You have said that your devotees are dearer than the Ananta on which you rest or the Lakshmi you carry. To prove that today you are offering us a feast for our eyes. You are ready to give yourself away to the sages who call nothing as their own. Knowing this truth who would want to give up service at your Lotus feet “.

“Appearing in Yadu line, for people caught up in the cycle of birth and death in this world, your glories alone can remove all sins in the three worlds”.

“Obeisance to you, O lord of all Lords! Obeisance to the Nara Narayana , who is always at perfect peace. Please stay at our house along with Brahmans for a few days so that the Nimi dynasty is sanctified with the dust of your lotus feet.”

Thus invited by the King, The Lord stayed on to please and bestow good fortune on the men and women of Mithila.

Sruta Deva too received the Lord into his home with as much excitement as that of the king .Bowing down to the sages, Srutadeva started dancing with joy waving his clothes. He made them sit on the mats of Darbha grass. He along with his wife washed their feet and sprinkled that water on himself and his wife and his family. Overjoyed, he felt that all his desires have been fulfilled. Then he worshipped them as per Vedic scriptures and served food to please them all. All the while he was wondering how is that one so much caught up in the well of family affairs had the fortune of serving the feet of the Lord as also that of the most revered Brahmans.

Having offered them hospitality and ensuring that they are comfortably seated, he too sat near their feet along with his wife children and relatives. Taking Lords feet into his lap, massaging them with reverence he spoke.

“This darshan is not obtained today only; we have been associating with the Lord ever since he has created this universe. Lord is like a sleeping person creating his own world in his imagination enters the same to be part of the same. For those who are hearing speaking and worshipping you constantly, you enter their heart and you appear in their minds. But though you reside in the heart of your devotees, you are faraway for those lost in this world of Karma. No one can grasp you by one's own powers unless you chose to reveal yourself “.

“Let me offer you my obeisance. For those who know, you are the absolute truth. But in your form of Time, you impose death on those evil ones. Your spiritual form in this universe uncovers the eyes of the faithful and blocks the vision of others”.

“O Supreme Lord how shall we serve you? Your darshan is enough to put an end to all troubles”.

Hearing these words, the Lord took the hands of Srutadeva in his hands and smiling, He spoke with visible pleasure”.

“O Brahman, these Sages who wander in the three worlds thus sanctifying the same, have come here with me to bestow their benedictions on you. One can gradually become sanctified by seeing touching and worshipping the temple deities, bathing at holy places. But simply meeting the holy people one gets sanctified immediately “.

“O Brahman, a Brahman is the best of all living beings by his birth. But he become more so by learning, austerities, and self satisfaction .My own four armed form is not dearer than a Brahman, who absorbs himself with the four Vedas. Those with corrupted intelligence neglect and behave with jealousy towards their spiritual masters who are no other than me. They foolishly worship the visibly manifest deity forms”.

“These Brahman have realized me and know that moving and non moving entities in the universe as also the primary elements of creation, the earth, air, water, fire and ether constitute the supreme Lord. Therefore you should worship these Brahman sages with the same faith you have in me. If you do so you will worship me directly. I cannot be reached with any amount of riches”.

Thus instructed by the Lord Srutadeva with single minded devotion worshipped the Lord and all the sages who came along with him.

The King of Mithila also did the same

The supreme Lord devoted to devotees stayed with the two devotees for some time teaching them the path of perfect saints and the returned to Dwaraka


"The supreme Lord devoted to devotees stayed with the two devotees for some time teaching them the path of saints, the returned to Dwaraka"

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