Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 85

Krishna and the Parents !

Then one day the two sons came to him and bowed down at his feet. Vasudeva greeted affectionately and spoke


Krishna and Parents

Suka Deva Continued

Then one day the two sons Krishna and Balaram came to Vasudeva and bowed down at his feet. Vasudeva greeted them affectionately. Having heard the words of the sages which referred to the power of his sons, and also having observed the same because of their deeds Vasudeva addressed them.

“O Krishna Krishna, the best of Yogis, O Balaram the eternal one, I know both of you are directly the premier beings of this universe.

“Whatever whenever a being comes into existence in which by which or from which or of which and unto which a being comes, that I know is because of you. These various forms of Universe are your creation and entering within you manifest as the life (Prana) and maintain the same as the body (jiva). The lives of the beings in the universe are your creation. They being both dependent and being different are merely activities of supreme Lord “.

“In truth you are the shine of the moon, heat of fire, brilliance of Sun, twinkling of Stars and the flash of lightening. You are the permanence of the Mountain and the sustaining capacity and fragrance of the earth. You are the power of water to quench, and to give life indeed you are the water and the taste of it also. The bodily warmth, mental strength, physical strength, the action and the movement of air, are all your actions . You are the all pervading ether and the sound residing in it. You are the sound and the root of the sound omkara, and you are the particular forms of sound generated by differentiation. You are the power of senses, you are the Devas presiding over the senses, and you are the power to control them .You are the power of decision. You are the intelligence of the living entity. You are also the power of recollection. Among entities subject to destruction you are the indestructible just as a among transformations of a substance, the substance itself remains. The modes of nature in the beings, the ignorance, the passion and the goodness and their functions are manifest within you and are seen by other through Maya”.

“Obtaining human status is difficult to achieve, however having achieved we remain confused about our own welfare and waste the life time. You two are not our sons but the very Lords of this universe, as you said you have indeed descended to eradicate the royalty which is the burden of the earth”.

“Therefore now I have come for shelter of those Lotus feet which remove the fear of the material entanglement of those who have surrendered. Enough of hankering after mortal sense enjoyment thinking of you as my son. Indeed in those moments before birth you told us that you have taken birth age after age as our son to protect various divine bodies “.

Bhagavan, the jewel of Satvatas, having heard these words of his father bowing down with humility spoke with a smile

“Oh father the words with meaning you have spoken about us your children are of Supreme import. O Lord , me ,you , these others , the people of Dwaraka , all beings , including all that moves and does not move are to be seen as manifestations of the Supreme one. The Supreme soul is indeed one. . He is self luminous, eternal, distinct, and free from qualities like passion ignorance and goodness.”

Having been thus instructed in this way Vasudeva gave up the outlook that sees duality and satisfied at heart became joyful and silent.

Then there was O noblest of Kurus, the mother Devaki. She heard about the wonderful story of gurus sons being brought back to life. She thought about her own sons killed by Kamsa. With tears in her eyes she spoke to Rama and Krishna.

“O Dear Rama the immeasurable one, O dear Krishna the Lord of all Yogis, I know you to be the Lord of the creator and the original being. You have taken birth to reduce the burden of earth, as the Time incarnate to destroy evil kings. With the smallest of the small part of you that creates destroys and maintains, I seek refuge. You did bring back from death the long dead son of guru as Gurudakshina. Like that you fulfill my wish. Please bring back my sons killed by the King of Bhoja “.

Having been asked by their mother Balaram and Krishna left for Sutala by the power of their Maya

When they entered Sutala, Bali, and the King of Daityas recognized them as the two Supreme beings, as also deities of his adoration. He was delighted at this meeting. He got up from his seat and made obeisance to them

He gave them seats of honor, washed their feet, sprinkled on his head and that of others too. He felt it is water flowing through those feet that were sacred enough to sanctify even Brahma. Then the king of Daityas honored them as per the scriptures. Holding the feet of the Lord, overtaken by emotion he spoke in a faltering voice.

“Obeisance to both of you “.

“Seeing both of you is rarely achieved for even living beings, yet not difficult to obtain for them. But for persons like us dominated by ignorance, we can see you only when you wish to show yourself to us. Without caring for the shelter of your feet we have consigned ourselves to the empty well of worldly of life. Oh Lord may you be pleased to lift us from that and help us lead the life of ascetics. Oh Lord! , discipline us and direct us and render us sinless“.

The Lord said,” Oh Mahabali, during the age of first Manu, Sage Marichi had six sons through wife Urna. They were all exalted Gods. But once they laughed at Lord Brahma when they saw him have sex with his progeny. For this they were cursed to be born as asuras immediately. Born as issue of Hiranyakasipu, they were immediately transferred to womb of Devaki. Born of Devaki they were killed immediately by Kamsa. Devaki Devi thinking them as her sons is mourning for them. These six sons are now with you. In order to assuage the grief of the mother we will now take them with us. And there after they will go to their destination having served the curse. These six Smara, Udgita, Parishvanga, Patanga, Kshudrabhrit, and Ghrini, will by my grace attain salvation afterwards”.

So saying adored by the king of Daityas, Lord came back with the six sons. Devaki was overjoyed. The sons too, having come in contact with Narayana recovered their memory and prostrated before Lord Krishna and Vasudeva and Devaki. And while they were looking on they attained Devaloka.

O King !, Mother Devaki was astonished at the events where her dead sons came back and departed too and she attributed all this to the mystic power of Lord Krishna.


Seeing her sons return form death and depart she was very much amazed, O King! It is magic produced by Krishna (she thought)