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This issue updates the Ramayanam and Bhagavatam sections.

Bhagavatam continues with the Chapter 4 of Dasama Skandha. In the Chapter Four, Kamsa learns that "the one to kill him is born elsewhere." He has a momentary lapse, with feelings of remorse for what he did in killing Devaki's children. However Kamsa's associates egg him on to the preordained path of self destruction.

As part of Ramayanam, the Part two of "Sankshipta Sundarakanda" by Pandit Vijayraghavrao continues. This issue covers the Chapters 2 to 14 of Valmiki Sundarakanda and is titled "Sitanveshanam". The coming issues will cover " Sita Ravana samvadam", "Trijata Svapnamu", "Sita hanumantula samvadam", "Ravana hanumatula samvadamu", "Lamka dahanam", "Hanumatuni punaragamanam - Sriramuniki nivedana."

Under the 'One more thing', we have one more 'subhashita sloka' highlighting the greatness of thought speech and action in unison. The Sloka is from the Chinmaya publication 'Vendatavani march 2010' issue. If you have any such slokas for the 'one more thing', we will be happy to receive !

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