Sundara kanda:

Chapter 3 !

Chapter 3

Then the great Vanara entered the city of Lanka on the lofty peak of Mount Lamba.

The city of Lanka guarded by Ravana was filled with lovely woods and waterways. It was made lovely by its great mansions , surrounded by the sea.

It was guarded by strong troops just like Alkapuri, the city of Gods. Its gleaming white gates were adorned with beautiful reliefs. It looked like the underground city of Bhogavati filled with serpents and well protected . Resounding with sounds of fierce winds, it was completely surrounded by golden ramparts like the city of Amaravati, the capital of Indra.

As he looked around Hanuman was wonder struck.

Its gateways were made with gold, the enclosures were paved with emeralds. The gate ways were adorned with mosaic of gemstones, crystals and pearls. They had beautiful court yards . The city resounded on every side to the sounds of musical instruments and ornaments.

Just as he was filled with joy, he was also filled with apprehension. Then he falls into his brooding mood. He says to himself

“ No one can take this city by force as it is protected by Ravana's troops carrying weapons ready for a battle".

“This place is notorious. Kumuda, Angada , the great Vanara Susena, Mainda and Dvivida might be able to reach it . But only the King Sugriva, Kusaparvan , Ketumala and myself may be able to enter it" . Then he remembered the might of Rama and valor of Lakshmana and felt reassured.

Hanuman saw the city like a bejeweled woman, with the golden ramparts around the city as the golden ornament around her midriff, the armories as her breasts, the cow pens and stables as her earrings.

It is then “Lankini “ the city appearing in her personal form beheld Hanuman, the son of Vayu entering the city unchecked. Lankini protected by Ravana at once rose up stood in front of Hanuman. Letting go a roar, she addresses Hanuman.

“ O Vanara ! Who are you and for what purpose you have come here. O dweller of the forest speak out the truth so long as life has its hold on you . Protected by the forces of Ravana , this city cannot be penetrated by you. “

The valiant Hanuman replied to the Rakshasi

“ O cruel one ! I shall give out the truth you questioned me about. But who are you with hideous eyes standing at the gate and what for do you angrily threaten me ? ”

Irritated to hear the questions of Hanuman, the Rakshasa woman spoke harshly.

“ O Vanara ! Remaining at the beck and call of King Ravana, I guard this city. It is not possible to make one's way into the city disregarding me. Overthrown and deprived of life breath, you will forever lie down here ! In truth I am Lankini , the city of Lanka in person. And I guard it on all sides. That is why I am saying this.”

Hearing these words of Lankini , Hanuman also stood his ground like another mountain and spoke to her. “ I would like to see this city of Lanka with its palaces, walls and archways . I have come only for this purpose “. Hearing this Lankini who was capable of taking any form uttered these words.” O Vanara ! it is not possible for you to see this city without overcoming me” Hearing this Hanuman tries to remonstrate and says “ O Good woman !having seen this city, I shall go back the way I came !”.

Considering the reply as a defiance , Lankini strikes Hanuman with the palm of her hand. Smitten hard by the Rakshasa woman , Hanuman gave a big roar . Overcome with anger Hanuman folded his left hand and smote her with his fist . Her limbs having been overpowered by this hit, she falls down to the ground . Alarmed at this turn of events Lankini addresses Hanuman with the following words in a faltering tone.

” O Mighty armed one ! spare me. Honor the code of chivalry. I am the city of Lanka incarnate . I have actually been vanquished by you by the dint of your power. And hear this truth from me. The following prophecy was uttered by Brahma himself. ‘Surely the day a Vanara overwhelms you by his prowess, know that the destruction of the Rakshasas is imminent'. From your sight , O great one I believe that such a time has come . This is ordained by Brahma himself and no reversal is possible. The time of destruction of King Ravana of perverted mind has arrived on account of the abduction of Sita. Therefore you may enter the city and accomplish what ever object you wish to. Having found access to every palace , you may look for the virtuous Sita.!!”

om tat sat


"Entering the charming city protected by Ravana which has been destined for destruction by the curse , O Lord of Monkeys have easy access to every place and carefully look for the virtuous daughter of King Janaka as you please"

om tat sat





Om tat sat