Sundara kanda:

Chapter 15

Hanuman sees Sita in Ashokvan !!

Sundarakanda Chapter 15 is one of the more often read Sargas of Sundarakanda.

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Chapter Summary :

Hanuman hidden in the thicket of the Simsupa tree started looking around in anticipation of Maithili walking that way. Then he noticed a lady in distress dressed in worn out clothes surrounded by Rakshasa women sitting under the tree. Noticing the ornaments hung from the tree as those described by SriRama Hanuman quickly concludes that the lady is indeed Sita the consort of Rama. Looking at her and thinking of SriRama Hanuman was delighted that he could locate Sita.

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Chapter 15

Hidden on the Simsupa tree and awaiting the arrival of Sita along the way Hanuman started looking around.

Then he saw a lady wearing worn out clothes, and surrounded by Rakshasa women. She seemed to be lean from fasting and repeatedly sighing in distress. Yet she seemed immaculate like the moon in the bright fortnight. Wearing a single yellow cloth which was worn out. Without any ornaments she looked like a pond without lotuses.

Looking like a person in discomfort never having known discomfort , looking like a person lost in sorrow though comforts should have been hers by right , wearing soiled clothes , and wide eyed she was looking like a virtuous princess. Based on his observations Hanuman decided she must indeed be Sita .

Her eyes were filled with tears. Her dark eyebrows were knitted together showing signs of anxiety. Sighing repeatedly she was full of sorrow. Following a regimen of penance she was covered with dust. Though eminently suited for ornaments, wearing no ornaments she was in pitiable condition like the full moon covered by dark clouds.

Rama had earlier described the ornaments that Sita was wearing. Hanuman noticed that those ornaments were hung from the tree. Hanuman said to himself ,' This lady with golden colored limbs is certainly the consort of SriRama. Although she is far away she lives in the mind of SriRama. His form is on her mind and her form is on his mind . Hence these these two pious people are living even for a moment".

Thus seeing Sita Hanuman was delighted and remembering SriRama he praised him repeatedly .

Thus ends Chapter 15 of Sundarakanda

Om tat sat