Sundarakanda Chapter 43

Hanuman Kills Kimkaras!!

Chapter 43: Summary : Hanuman kills the Kimkaras sent by Ravana . After that Hanuman loudly announces with a roar to the people of Lanka that King Sugriva with his army is coming to Lanka . Also that they made an enemy of SriRama. As a consequence neither the city of Lanka nor the people of Lanka and even Ravana himself will be there !!.

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Chapter 43

Then Hanuman after killing all the Kimkaras was lost in thoughts. “I have destroyed the grove but left that edifice alone."

Then Hanuman, who is capable of increasing his size with his own powers, increased his size enormously. There after made a roar that was heard all over Lanka. Unable to stand the power of that roar birds fell off from the sky. The guards protecting the edifice were terrified and lost consciousness. Hanuman said as follows:

"Victory to SriRama who is accomplished in the use of all weapons. Victory to Lakshmana the powerful one. Victory to King Sugriva who is a follower of Sri Rama. I am the servant of SriRama who can resolutely perform complex tasks. My name is Hanuman the destroyer of enemies and the son of Vayu. Not even thousand Ravanas can equal me in battle. Having conquered city of Lanka and paying my respects to the princess of Mithila I will be going back having accomplished my task ".

So with his roar of Victory, Hanuman terrified the Rakshasas protecting the edifice. Even then hundreds of Rakshasaas using swords spears and axes moved against Hanuman.

Then the angry Hanuman in his fearsome form lifted a pillar of the edifice and started swinging the pillar all around. As he started swinging fire erupted out of the pillar which burnt down the complete edifice,

Seeing the burning edifice, even more excited Hanuman went after the Rakshasas and killed all of them like Indra killed the Asuras using his Vajrayudha. Then standing in the sky Hanuman spoke the following words of warning to the citizen of Lanka.

"Thousands of great warriors like me have been sent around. All of them follow the orders of King Sugriva . All of us Vanaras are searching the whole earth. Now King Sugriva will come here with all of them. You have made an enemy of Lord Sri Rama. Because of that neither the city of Lanka will be there, nor you . Even King Ravana will not be there".

Thus ends chapter 43 of Sundarakanda

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