Sundarakanda Chapter 50

Ravan's ministers question Hanuman !

Chapter 50: Summary :

Ravana too looking at Hanuman wondered if the Vanara in front of him was sent by Devendra or Yama or Varuna or Kubera or even Vishnu. Ravana tells Prahasta to question Hanuman as to where from and what for he came to the city of Lanka and also about his purpose in destroying the grove. Thus questioned by Prahastha Hanuman announces that he is none of that. But that he is in Lanka on a mission and he is the messenger of SriRama !!

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Chapter 50

The powerful Ravana, the terror of the world looked straight into the eyes of Hanuman in front of him with anger

Seeing the resplendent face of Hanuman doubts arose and Ravana started wondering. “Has the Bhagavan Nandi who cursed me when attempted to move the Mount Kailasa himself come here? Or can it be that Bana himself in the form of a Vanara?

Then the king of Rakshasas, with eyes full of anger spoke to the minister Prahasta with words significance suited for the occasion. “Ask him from where and what for has he come for? What is the purpose of destroying the garden and terrifying the Rakshasa women?”

Following the orders of the King Prahasta spoke as follows. “Oh Vanara! Be at ease. You need not be afraid. May you be safe. Tell us if the Lord of Celestials sent you here to the city of Lanka. Be without fear and tell the truth . Have you been sent by Kubera or Yama or Varuna. Or Vishnu anxious for victory has sent you here .You have entered the city in the form of spy. You appear as a Vanara in form only . The luster you have is not that of a mere vanara, Tell us the truth . If you tell untruth you will lose your life.”

Having been questioned like this the noble Vanara spoke as follows. “ I am not a friend of Kubera. Nor have I been sent by Vishnu. I am a Vanara. I came here of my own accord. I destroyed the grove so that I can get an audience with you"

” I am free from the power of Brahmastra. Though being troubled by Rakshasas I came here on a mission assigned by a king.”

“O King know me to be the messenger of the most powerful SriRama. Please listen carefully to my words of advice”

Thus ends chapter fifty of Sundarakanda .

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