Sundarakanda Chapter 51

Hanuman advises Ravana to return Sita !

Chapter 51:

Summary : Hanuman starts by conveying the best wishes of Sugriva the King of Vanaras on whose behalf he is giving the message. Then he recounts the story of SriRama and the friendship of SriRama and Sugriva . He tells Ravana that no body can face the might of SriRama and Lakshmana. He praises Ravana's own efforts and the boon he acquired through penance of being free of death from Devas, Gandharvas etc. Hanuman tellingly reveals that Sugriva being a Vanara belongs none of those groups. SriRama too is only Human. Then he tells Ravana that he cannot escape death at the hands of Srirama !!

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" Looking at Ravana valorous and powerful Hanuman spoke meaningful words without fear".


Chapter 51

Valorous and powerful Hanuman spoke meaningful words facing Ravana without fear.

"I have come to the city of Lamka with the message from Sugriva, the king of Vanaras wishing your welfare like a brother. He asks about your welfare. Please hear this message from Sugriva who is like a brother to you. This is a message of right conduct. This is beneficial in this and the other world too".

There is a king by name Dasaratha . He has armies of chariots , horses and elephants. He is like a father for all. He has luster equaling Indra. His eldest son is SriRama who is well built and is dear to all . He is also very powerful and follows righteous conduct .That SriRama along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana entered the forest of Dandaka leaving the kingdom as per the wishes of his father.

"His wife Sita too is very virtuous. She is the daughter of Janaka the king of Videha. She has been kidnapped in the forest of Dandaka. That prince along with his brother Lakshmana reached Rishyamuka mountains in search of Sita. There they met Sugriva and they exchanged promises. Sugriva to search for Sita and Rama to make Sugriva the king of Vanaras ".

"Sugriva the king of Vanaras and a stickler to truth sent his Vanaras in all directions in search of Sita. My name is Hanuman. I crossed the hundred Yojana long sea and entered Lanka in search of Sita. While moving about in search of Sita I found here here".

"None among the Devas or Asuras can stand the force of the arrows of Rama and Lakshmana released in anger. O King ! There will be no peace or happiness for any body committing acts of ill will against Sriram the embodiment of righteousness. So please listen to these words which are meaningful and are meant for your welfare. Please restore Sita to Srirama who is like a God among the human beings".

"You too following right conduct performed severe penance. As a result obtained boons protecting your life against death . Do not lose the results of that penance wilfully".

"Sugriva does not belong to the groups of Devas, Asuras, Gandharvas, Nagas , Pannagas , or Rakshasas ! He is a Vanara and SriRama is a human being. Hence O King ! how can you save your life against these two".

O King I am a servant of Srirama and his messenger. I am a Vanara. Please listen to my words carefully. I am telling the truth.

"One whose death is ordained through SriRama , neither Brahma the self born with four faces , nor Rudra the three eyed one who demolished Tripurantaka , nor Mahendra or Indra the Lord of celestials can offer protection".

Hearing the unpalatable yet thoughtful words of advise from the fearless Hanuman , Ravana very much angered ordered that Hanuman be killed.

Thus ends chapter 51 of Sundarakanda

om tat sat .

Thus ends chapter fifty one of Sundarakanda .

om tat sat

Hearing the unpalatable yet thoughtful words of advise from the fearless Hanuman , Ravana very much angered ordered that Hanuman be killed.