Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 81

Story of Sudama ( contd.)

Sri Hari who knows the minds of all addressed spoke to the best of Brahmans affectionately and lovingly  

Grace Abounding

Sutamahamuni continued:

Sri Hari whoknows the minds of all addressed spoke to the best of Brahmans affectionately and lovingly. “Dear friend what have you brought from your house. Even if an infinitely small thing is offered by devotees with pure love it becomes huge. Even if huge offerings are made by devotees it does not satisfy me. If one offers a leaf, flower or a fruit or simple water with pure devotion I satisfied by that.

Thus addressed by the Lord of the Goddess of Lakshmi, the Sudama was too embarrassed to offer the palm full flat rice he brought and bowed his head without answering.

The Lord who is aware of all the happenings realized the reason for the coming of Sudama. He also realized that in the past he did not worship with any material wants. Today he came here to satisfy his loving and faithful wife. Then Krishna thought,' I shall give him riches UN obtainable even by Devas”.

Thinking in this manner, the Lord picked up the flat rice tied in Sudama's garmentsaying, ‘Sudama what is this?' Have you brought this for me? This is giving me supreme satisfaction. O friend this will not only satisfy me it will satisfy the whole universe. “So saying Lord picked one fistful of flat rice and ate it. Then he picked up a second fistful, then the Goddess of Fortune Rukmini stopped him saying,” O Lord this much is enough for prospering in this or the next world. Your satisfaction is the cause of one's prosperity”.

The Brahman spent that night in the Lords house. Eating and drinking to his satisfaction the Brahman felt he achieved the purpose of his life just by meeting the Lord. The next morning he set off for his home fully satisfied. The Brahman felt extremely satisfied with the darshan. Though he was shy and could not ask for any riches, Sudama felt richer by the contact with his old friend from the time s of Gurukul.

He was lost in amazement thinking about the visit with the Lord. ‘I have seen the devotion to Brahmans of the Lord who is ever devoted to Brahmans. He, who carries the Goddess of fortune on his chest, indeed embraced the poorest of the poor with love. Who am I, a poor sinful Brahman? Who is he, the Lord of all wealth? He embraced me as a friend of Brahman with his both hands. He made me sit like a brother on the bed used by his beloved queen. And the Queen too took the fan me to remove my fatigue. The Lord worshipped by Devas, worshipped me, and offered me service by massaging my feet. The ultimate liberation for all men in the earth in the hot the subterranean regions or in the heaven is the devotional worship of the Lords feet. Probably thinking that this man if given riches will not remember Him, he did not give even a little wealth. ‘

Thus thinking, he came to the place where his home used to be. But he saw there, towers of wealth, numerous parks, gardens full of chirping birds, and lakes full of lotus flowers. At the house there were well dressed male guards and even female attendants too.

And he stood confused thinking, “what is this? Whose place is this? How did this come about?”

Hearing that her husband has come, his wife jubilant and extremely happy came out from the house. And she looked like the Goddess of Lakshmi herself. That chaste lady seeing her husband, with eyes filled with tears of Love and happiness embraced him in her heart and bowed down to him.

Seeing his wife shining, in the midst of all the maidservants like goddess on a celestial plane, Sudama too was amazed.

Delighted he entered the house which was like the house of Indra.

Seeing the extraordinary riches the Brahman free from excitement thought about these unexpected riches.

‘Definitely these riches for me who has always been poor are only because of the Lord of Yadus. After all though I did not speak but I was indeed intending to beg. The Lord knew it all along. He showered wealth on me. The Lord considers asinsignificant the immense wealth given by him for his devotees who do a token service. Thus the lord accepted with great pleasure one small fistful of flat rice not even offered by me. For him indeed are my love, friendship, association and service in this life and after too. For he is reservoir of supreme love. He will not give UN bounded riches to those who do not understand the goals of life, for the riches will intoxicate them and cause their downfall. “

Thinking In this way fixing his mind with intelligence Sudama remained absolutely devoted to the Lord Krishna the shelter of all living beings. He enjoyed the riches bestowed on him with his wife, always being ready to renounce

Lord Krishna is the Lord of all Lords. He accepts Brahmans as his masters, so there is no deity higher than them

Thus the Brahman the friend of the Supreme Lord, seeing how the unconquerable Lord being conquered by his own servants, increased his attachment upon him by constant meditation and attained the destination of the great saints.

This account of Supreme Lord, who always favors the Brahmans, showing kindness to Brahmans will develop love for Lord and will be freed from the bondage of material things.

om tat sat


This account of Supreme Lord, who always favors the Brahmans, showing kindness to Brahmans will develop love for Lord and will be freed from the bondage of material things.