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Santah Charitra Bhushanaah ...

Character is the Ornament of Noble People ..

Character is the ornament of Noble Persons (Santah Chaaritra Bhuushanaah)

Ravana was killed.

Hanuman went to Mother Sita and conveyed the news.

She was happy and thanked Hanuman.

Hanuman asked Mother Sita's permission to beat to death the cruel Rakshasa women who had been torturing her.

The noble Mother Sita replied:

"No, nothing of that kind. They were helpless; they were only the tools of their wicked master".

"No blame attaches to them. No more will they do any harm to me". She adds, that she had to suffer all this because of her cruel fate, and nobody else is to be blamed for this.

"Why should they be punished? Haven't you heard this story?"

Once a man chased by a tiger got upon a tree? When he looked up, there was a bear sitting. Above a bear, a tiger below on the ground, and the man in the centre.

The tiger requested the bear to push the man down, their common foe. The bear refused to oblige him saying that the man was his guest. And the bear dozed off.

Then the tiger told his prey: "You are a fool. Who but a fool will put his faith in that furry fellow? He is not hungry now. He knows you cannot escape.

He has reserved you for his next meal. You push him down. I shall eat him up and go my way."

The man did as he was asked. The startled bear caught hold of another branch. Such treacheries he had seen before. Hence he was not surprised or enraged.

The tiger changed his tactics. He asked the bear to push down the traitor. The bear refused his request.

Quoting the Bear's reply, Mother Sita told Hanuman ( 6.113.45/46) :

పాపానాం వా శుభానాం వా వధార్హామథాపి వా
కార్యం కారుణ్యమార్యేణ నకశ్చిన్నాపరాధ్యతి|
లోకహింసా విహారాణాం కౄరాణాం పాపకర్మణాం|
కుర్వతామపి పాపాని నైవ కార్యం అశోభనమ్||
पापानां वा शुभानां वा वधार्हामथापि वा
कार्यं कारुण्यमार्येण नकश्चिन्नापराध्यति।
लोकहिंसा विहाराणां कॄराणां पापकर्मणां।
कुर्वतामपि पापानि नैव कार्यं अशोभनम्॥

A good man does not take the evil ways of a wicked man. One's code of honour should never be violated.

Character is the ornament of noble persons. The good, bad, or death-deserving, all should be treated with compassion.

Kindness is to be shown by a noble person either towards a sinner or to a virtuous person or even to a person who deserves death, for, there is none who never commits a wrong.

She tells Hanuman to forget the past and forgive the helpless women.

This indeed is the height of Mother Janaki's Magnanimity.

Hanuman bent down in reverence before Mother Sita, the personification of mercy.

Hearing the words of Mother Sita, Hanuman who was skilled in speech, then replied to the faultless Mother Sita, Sri Rama's consort (as follows):

యుక్తా రామస్య భవతీ ధర్మపత్నీ గుణాన్వితా|
युक्ता रामस्य भवती धर्मपत्नी गुणान्विता।

"Verily, you are a noble and worthy spouse (Dharma Patni) to Sri Rama".

||om tat sat||