Role Models from Ramayanam

Role models from Ramayanam.

This series is a Turaga contribution. Started with a chat on Rama as a role model and expanded to cover ,The Message of Ramayana , Srirama , Sita , Hanuman, Jataayu , Sabari , Bharata , Lakshmana.

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The series started with issue of January 27th, 2012 !

Our First Issue of Role models carried the article on Rama.

There can be many views of Rama all of which admire Rama as the person to be followed , but in a different way !! For millions of us, Rama and Sita remain as Gods personified !! Turaga's exposition is on these lines with Rama and Sita as a divine couple and role models for all !

The second article in the Role model series was on Sitayana or Sita as a role model. This is a fairly long article !! . A part of the story , to be precise the story of a Bear as recounted by Sita to Hanuman, is carried under the regular column of " one more thing " . The story of "Going to Forests" on how Sita insisted on joining Rama in going to the forests and succeeded also appears as a separate article on the Ramayanam page. Sita's logic is very much in line with her statement on Sri Rama as her husband and master ( guru)

The third major Role model in this series moves on with Hanuman as the focus.

"Vikrantah tvam samardhah tvam" says Sita .

"Kritam Hanumata karyam" says Sri Rama.

"Tvayyeva Hanuman asti balam buddhi parakramah" says Sugriva.

Such is the awe inspiring part played by Hanuman! Like millions we are forever in love with Hanuman !!.

In the Ramayana Role models we are looking at Hanuman as an embodiment of selfless service. The lead article on Ramayana in this issue is thus titled "Hanuman- The embodiment of Selfless service ".

No single article can cover all the deeds of Hanuman and we were tempted to add some more . We added two more articles on Hanuman. One is under the title ' In the Thick of Battle' , which brings out an interesting side story during the battle in Lanka when everything is seemingly lost. Jambavan himself was almost dead. He was unable to see. He was not even sure who is alive and could recognize Vibhishana by his voice only. Jambavan asks Vibhishana if Hanuman is alive? . Vibhishana was surprised and asks Jambavan why he is asking about Hanuman and not about the two Brothers Rama and Lakshmana or even the King Sugriva or the Prince Angada ? The answer is the story and it appears on the Ramayana page .

We also cannot forget the "Jaya mantra" the battle cry of Hanuman in Lanka. Millions know this and this is brought out under "one more thing". That Sita's favorite is Hanuman is well known. Rama too is touched by the selfless service of Hanuman. And his famous last words to Hanuman remain prophetic:

"As long as Rama's story is told and retold amongst men, so long shall your kirti (fame) form part of it."

The role model series continued with articles on Jataayu , Sabari , Bharata , Lakshmana

These are for your reading pleasure !!

om tat sat!