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January 27 , 2012

Good news !! We are starting the new short series on Ramayana this week as annnounced earlier . The content is put together by Shri Turaga Rajendraprasad. All of this is appearing under Ramayanam - Role models. .Shri Turaga has provided two links for further readings.( http://valmiki.iitk.ac.in/index.php?id=sloka1


Without doubt we are starting this series with excitement and some 'Trepidition'. For there can be many views of Rama all of which still admiring Rama as the person to be followed. If we look at the talks on Ramayana by Rt Hon'ble Srinivasa sastry one would be left wondering on the depth of his appreciation though not treating Rama as a 'God'. In any case for millions of us, Rama and Sita remain as Gods personified !! Turagas exposition is on that lines.

The One more thing brings out the the sixteen qualities enumerated by Valmiki as part of his question in search of the person meeting those sixteen qualities. The answer ofcourse is Sri Rama !!.

As already stated the Ramayan and the role models are a perennial fascination for us and we had also published some books ( Raamudu- Sugunaabhiraamudu) and articles earlier !! . This is available for download !!.

This week Bhagavatam continues with Chapter 80 of Dasama Skandha. Chapter 80 details of the "The Story of Sudama" . Most of us would have read the same as the story of Kuchela and his wife is Kshutkshama.In dasamaskandham this story appears in two chapters ( 80 and 81) and we are following the same.

Athato Brahmajignyasaa continues . with elaboration on Upanishads in continuation of the earlier elaboration on the "the Vedas", and the "Mahavakyaas".

We continue our requests for contributions and suggestions .

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