Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 84

Krishna's and the Sages

'This way when men were talking to men and the women were talking to women, the sages came there with a wish to meet BalaRama and Krishna


Krishna and the Sages

Suka Deva continued

This way when men were talking to men and the women were talking to women, the sages came there to meet Rama and Krishna.

The sages included Dyaipayana, Chyavana , Devala, Asitha, Viswamitra, Sadananda , Bharadwaja , Gautama , Parasurama and his disciples, Vasistha, Galava, Brighu, Pulastya, Kasyapa, Atri , Markandeya, , Brihaspati , Dvita , Trita , Ekata , the four Kumaras , Angira, Agastya, Yagnavalkya and Vamadeva .

As soon as the they saw the sages approaching them all the kings and other including Pandavas , Krishna and Balaram who were seated got up immediately and paid their respects . All of them including Lord Krishna and Balaram worshipped all the sages who came there. They washed their feet with water offered them places to sit and offered them flowers etc. . After they were all seated Lord Krishna addressed them and all others listened with rapt attention.

The Lord spoke.

”Our life is now fruitful indeed “.

“Altogether we obtained a fruit that is very difficult even for Devas which is the darshan of the greatest among Yogis. How is it that people whose austerities are meager who see God only in the form of images can now see you the masters of Yoga , touch you, ask you questions , bow down to you and worship your feet . It is not that the waters of the holy places and the deities composed of stone on earth are not holy. They are. But they do purify after a long time. But the darshan of holy people purifies one in a moment".

"Not the fire, not the Sun, not the moon, not the stars, not the earth, not the water, not the breath, not the speech, not the mind actually remove the sins. But the wise me when they are served for a few minutes destroy the sins”.

“One who identifies his body as his own , thinks of his wife and children as his own and never worships wise men is indeed no better than an ass “.

Hearing those words of unrestricted wisdom which are difficult to comprehend the learned Brahmans remained silent. Thinking for some time on the role of the Supreme Lord acting as though he is a mere controlled man, they concluded that this is for the enlightenment of the people in general.

Then they smiled and spoke to the Lord.

“O Lord! Even we are confused by the power of your Maya. The creator of the universe pretends to be subject of higher control hiding his true entity, it is indeed amazing “.

“Effortlessly he creates the universe, maintains and annihilates and is not bound. Like earth which creates variegated forms, the activities of the supreme Lord in his human form are a pretense. Nonetheless at the right time you assume the mode of goodness to protect your devotees and punish the wicked “.

“The Vedas are your pure heart. And through austerities and self control one can perceive the pure spiritual existence. Therefore you honor the Brahminical community for they are agents by which one can realize you through the evidence of Vedas. For that very reason you are the foremost worshipper of Brahmins “.

“Today our births, education, austerities, the power of sight, all of them have borne fruit because of association with you who are the goal of all saintly persons. Obeisance unto him the Supreme Lord whose wisdom is unrestricted whose potency is hidden by Maya”.

“Neither these Kings nor the Vrishnis who share your intimacy know you as the supreme soul, the Time or as the supreme controller, as you are covered by a curtain of divine power of illusion. A sleeping person imagines secondary reality with names and forms forgetting his waking identity. A sense of one whose consciousness is masked by illusion only perceives the names and forms of material objects not realizing you as the ultimate truth. Today we have directly seen your feet. Perfected Yogis can only meditate upon them within their heart, but only those who render you the whole hearted devotional service attain the final goal.”

Having spoken thus the sages took leave of Lord Krishna Dhritarashtra and Yudhistira and prepared to leave. Seeing them about to leave, the great Vasudeva bowing down, and holding their feet spoke to them with carefully composed words.

Vasudeva said, “Obeisance to you, o Sages please listen, how can one by karma purge the previous Karma? “.

Narad said,” O Brahmans is it not wonderful that with a desire of learning, treating Krishna as a mere boy, he is asking us about the highest good. Proximity in this world of mortals is cause of disregard. Like the one who lives near Ganges goes to another place for purification!”

O King! The sages then spoke again addressing Vasudeva as all others including BalaRama and Krishna listened.

The sages said ,” It has been definitely concluded that karma is counteracted by further karma by executing Vedic sacrifices as a means of worshipping Lord Vishnu . Learned Scholars have concluded that karma is the easiest means of subduing the disturbed mind and attaining the ultimate Goal. It is a sacred duty that brings joy to the heart. It is the duty of householder to selflessly worship Lord Vishnu”.

“An intelligent man should learn to renounce his desire for wealth by sacrifices and charity, the desire for wife and children by engaging in Household affairs, and the desire for oneself in exalted planet by renunciation. Oh Saintly Vasudeva! The intelligent having renounced household life go to forest to perform austerities “

“O Prabho, a twice born is born with three debts to Devas, Rishis and his forefathers. If he leaves his body without liquidating these debts by performing sacrifices to Devas, studying scriptures under Rishis and begetting children to further the family, then he will fall down. O Magnanimous one you are free from two debts to the sages and the fore fathers by having learnt the scriptures and having children to carry on the life's cycle. . Now you absolve your debt to Devas by performing Sacrifices. Then being free from all debt you abandon your home”

Hearing these words of sages, Vasudeva respectfully asked them to be his priests for the sacrifice. Thus requested by him the sages engaged Vasudeva in sacrifices at that holy place according to the scriptures. When the sacrifice was to be initiated all the Vrishnis and their wives to came to participate in the sacrifice. There upon the priests initiated him along with his eighteen wives into the sacrifice. He performed various kinds of sacrifices as prescribed by scriptures and as directed by the priests.

Then at appropriate time he paid the remuneration for the sacrifices with various gifts. After supervising all rituals the sages bathed in Lord Parasurama's lake with the sponsor of the sacrifice.

His sacrifice completed, Vasudeva honored all the people. The close friends Dhritarashtra, Vidura, Pritha, and her sons, Bhishma, Drona, the twins Nakul and Sahadev, Narad, Veda Vyasa, all of them took leave and proceeded for their own destinations.

Nanda Maharaj showed his affection by remaining a little longer along with the cowherds.

Having easily crossed over the sea of ambition, surrounded by his well wishers Vasudeva spoke to Nanda touching his hand.

“My dear brother, the supreme Lord made the noose of affection which is difficult to cut even for mystics. For us who are oblivious of the mercy shown, the friendship offered by you even though unreciprocated never ceases. Previously because of incapacity we did nothing to reciprocate. Now blinded by the intoxication of wealth we still do not see you. O respectful one, fortune may not arise for a person who desires real benefit of life. For blinded by wealth he may not even see his friends “.

Suka Deva continued.

With his heart softened by the feelings of intimate sympathy, remembering the acts of kindness, Vasudeva had tears in his eyes. For his part Nanda too was full of affection. He spent three months with all Yadus .Finally after three months Nanda honored by all Yadus left for Vraja.

Seeing that all relatives have left, Yadus also went back to Dwaraka

They related to the people of the city about great festivity that occurred in the pilgrimage of their seeing their well wishing friends etc


They related to the people of the city about great festivity that occurred in the pilgrimage of their meeting all their well wishing friends etc