Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 83

Krishna's Consorts !!

'In this way the supreme Lord the spiritual Master Gopis showed them the path. Then he enquired of Yudhistira the welfare of all'


Krishna's Consorts

Suka Deva continued.

O King! As Yudhistira and others were praising the Lord, the women of Andhaka and Kaurava clans also got together. They were also discussing the glories of the Lord which were being sung in all the three worlds. Draupadi was talking to the wives of the Lord. Please listen as I describe the same.

Addressing the wives of the Lord, the Queen Draupadi spoke.

O Vaidarbhi , O Bhadra , O Jambavati , Kausale ,Oh Satyabhama , Kaalindi , Saibya, Rohini , Lakshmana , O wives of the Lord Krishna please tell me how the Lord imitating the ordinary life himself came to marry you ?

Rukmini said ,” when all the kings held their bows ready to assure that I would be offered to the King of Chaidya , he took me away like a lion taking his prey away from the middle of Sheep. May I always worship those feet of Lord Krishna which are the abode of Goddess of fortune”.

Satyabhama said, “Distressed by the killing of my brother, my father tainted the Lord for the killing and taking the Syamantakmani. To remove the stigma, the Lord then defeated Jambavan the King of Vanaras, took back the jewel and restored it to my father. My father to compensate for the false allegation offered me to the Lord although I have been already offered. “

Jambavati said,” Unaware that the Lord was his own master, the deity he worshiped, the husband of Sita; my father fought him for twenty eight days. Then realizing the truth he took hold of his feet and offered me and the Syamantakmani. Now I am his handmaid “.

Kalindi said , “ Knowing that I was executing sever penances with the desire of touching his Lotus feet one day he came with his friend and took my hand in marriage .Now I am happy even as a sweeper in his household ” .

Mitravinda said ,” In my Swayamvarceremony , coming forward and defeating all kings including my brothers who were insulting him , he took me away like a lion lifting his prey in front of the Jackals . Then he brought me to Dwaraka. May I be allowed to serve him life after life?”

Satya also known as Nganjit said,” To test the prowess of the suitors my father arranged seven bulls, which destroyed the false pride of many. But Lord Krishna easily subdued them and tied them up like they were children of goats. Thus he won me by his valor. Then he took me away defeating all kings who opposed him. May I be granted privilege serving that Lord forever “.

Bhadra said,” O Draupadi, my father of his own free will invited Lord Krishna to marry me. I had already fixed my mind on him. My ultimate wish is this. I should always be allowed to touch his Lotus feet as I wander from life to life based on karma”.

Lakshmana said,” repeatedly hearing from about the glory of the Lord my mind was attached to the Lord Mukunda. My father Brihatsena was affectionate to me his daughter, and towards this end he arranged a means. O Queen just as a fish was arranged in the Swayamvarwith the object of obtaining Arjun; a fish was arranged only this fish could not be seen and only its reflection could be seen. Hearing this thousand of kings came. My father honored each and every one of them. Some could not even lift the bow; some could lift but not string the bow. A few heroes Jarasandha, Sisupala, Bhim, Duryodhan, Karna, and the king of Ambastha succeeded in stringing but could not hit the target. Even Arjun tried and he could only graze the target. After all the kings have given up with their pride broken , the Lord took up the bow when the sun stood in the constellation of Abhijit , he took the aim and with one arrow pierced the same .Then kettle drums sounded in the sky everybody on earth was shouting victory . Then I walked the ceremonial path and put the brilliant necklace around the neck of Govinda. But some of the kings would not agree. The Lord placed me on his chariot donned his armor manifested his four arms. As Daruka drove the chariot all the kings watched like small animals. But as they took up arms Lord defeated them all too easily. Then Lord took me to Dwaraka. To the Lord who need nothing my father presented everything. By renouncing all material association and by penance we all the queens have become the maid servants of the one who is fully satisfied.

Then the other queens spoke.” After killing Bhaumasura along with his followers the Lord found is us in the prison. Knowing then that we were the daughters of the kings defeated by Jarasandha the Lord set us free. Because we were constantly meditating upon his lotus feet he agreed to marry us though every desire of his has been fulfilled already “.

“ O Saintly lady we do not desire a kingdom ,or the kingdom of Indra , or unlimited powers of enjoyment , or even mystic power or the position of Lord Brahma the creator of the Universe , the immortality or even the attainment of kingdom of God. We simply want to carry the dust of the Lotus feet of the Lord on our heads. We desire the same contact with Lords feet as the women of Pulindya in Vraja, or the cowherd boys, the touch of dust he leaves on the grass and the plants as he tends to the cows.”

Hearing this Pritha , Gandhari the daughter of Subala , Draupadi the one born of sacrifice , sister of Madhava, and other kings and Gopis too were amazed at the loving attachment of the wives of Lord Krishna and they shed tears of joy .


"We desire the same contact with Lords feet as the women of Pulindya in Vraja, or the cowherd boys, the touch of dust he leaves ion the grass and the plants as he tends to the cows".