Sundara kanda:

Chapter 2 !

Summary : After his stupendous jump Hanuman lands in Lanka and sees the heavily fortified City of Lanka on the Trikuta Mountain . He decides that he must enter the city in a form that is not noticeable. He takes the form as small as that of cat and gets ready to enter city of Lanka. At that time the moon also rose over in the east spreading his light as though he is going to help Hanuman in his task !!

"Having crossed the ocean which is impossible to cross , that most powerful one, looked on at the city of Lanka on top of the Mountain Trikuta"


Entering Lanka:

Crossing the ocean, which is not possible for anybody, Hanuman gazed upon the city of Lanka, which stood on the top of Mount Trikuta.

Hanuman bore no signs of fatigue though he traveled a hundred Yojanas. He felt as though he could easily have traversed hundred more Yojanas if needed. Endowed with extraordinary power and covered with showers of flowers loosened from the trees as he landed, Hanuman looked as though he were made of flowers.

Hanuman quickly makes his way towards the city of Lanka. He travels through deep blue meadows, fragrant woodlands filled with big trees and boulders too. He goes through thickly forested hills and blossoming trees.

Standing on that mountain Hanuman saw the woods and parks of the city of Lanka. He saw a city which is full of lovely pleasure groves completely covered with all sorts of trees that blossomed and bore fruit in all seasons. All the trees were thick with masses of blossoms, some which are still in budding stage. The groves were filled with birds. He saw ponds full with red and white lotuses and also swans.

He also saw that the city under protection of Ravana was adorned with moats filled with red and blue Lotuses. Having stolen Sita Ravana had the city well guarded by Rakshasas who patrolled it on every side wielding fearsome bows. That city was surrounded by golden ramparts bristling with hundreds of towers, with a garland of banners raised on staffs. Hanuman saw a city, which looked, like the city of Gods in the heaven itself.

It is a city built by Viswakarma and protected by the Lord of Rakshasas.The city looked like a city floating in heavens,

Having reached the Northern gate, Hanuman started thinking about how to locate Sita.

He saw the city filled with Rakshasas like the underground city of Bhagavati with its great serpents. Like the cave protected by great serpents, the city of Lanka is protected by vast number of well-armed Rakshasas. Considering the surrounding ocean as well as the fortifications Hanuman started thinking.

“ Even if Vanaras reach here what can they do when even the Gods could not conquer Lanka in a battle?. Even if Great Rama reaches here what can he do against this highly fortified Lanka?. As far as the Rakshasas are considered there is no scope of conciliation. Because of the abundant riches there is no scope for “daana” . There is no scope for sowing dissensions either or even open warfare with the fortified Lanka. So the traditional strategies of Sama, Daana, Bheda and Danda would be futile. Only four Vanaras Angada Nila, King Sugriva and myself can reach this place”

Brooding like this Hanuman decides that he must find out whether Sita is alive or not first, and there after he can decide the course of action.

Then he starts thinking about how to enter the city in search of Sita.

He says to himself:

“In my present form I will never be able to enter the Rakshasa city guarded by fierce and powerful Rakshasas.”

The Rakshasas have fierce energy, great valor and enormous strength. I have to deceive them all if I have to search for Janaki.”

Hence Taking inconspicuous form I shall enter city of Lanka by the night. That is the proper time for me to accomplish the task.”

Seeing the unassailable city of Lanka, Hanuman once again starts thinking about the task on hand !

“By what means can I find Janaka's daughter Maithili without being seen by Ravana's Rakshasas? How can the failure of Rama's mission be avoided ? How can I manage to see Janaki in a secluded space with only two of us being present?”.

“If the time and place are not propitious or if the agent is injudicious, even well conceived plans can come to nothing like darkness at sunrise”.

“Even a firm decision as to what ought or ought not to be done can come to nothing. For messengers who think they are clever can destroy an undertaking”

"How can the failure of the mission be avoided?"

"How can I avoid making a blunder?"

"How can I ensure that my leaping over the ocean will not prove to have been in vain?"

"If the Rakshasas should see me then the mission of wise Rama who seeks destruction of Ravana, would surely fail".

"Even if I were to assume the form of Rakshasa it would be impossible to pass unnoticed by Rakshasas. What chance would I have in any other form?"

“It seems to me that here not even wind can pass without permission";

"If I remain in my natural size I will be noticed and my masters mission will fail. Therefore retaining my natural shape I shall make myself very small and enter Lanka at night in order to accomplish Rama's mission. I shall enter Ravana's fortress tonight and search his entire palace until find Janaki “

Thus Hanuman after thinking deeply, finalizes his plan in his own form.

After Sunset Hanuman contracts his size to that of a cat. It was a wonderful sight to see. He quickly leaps up and enters the city with well laid out avenues.

The mansions of the Rakshasas were beautiful. Looking at the well-adorned city of Lanka. Hanuman was despondent but the same time excited with the thought of meeting Sita the consort of Rama.

Then shining amidst of multitude of stars, Moon rose on the horizon flooding the night with his light as if to assist Hanuman in his search for Sita

Thus ends chapter 2 of Sundarakanda

Om Tat Sat


"That hero among Vanaras gazed on the rising moon white as milk and lotus fiber, which was shining brightly with the splendor of a conch shell and resembled a swan swimming in a lake"

Om tat sat