Sundarakanda Chapter 56

Hanuman starts on return journey !!

Chapter 56:

Summary : Having decided to leave Hanuman meets Sita. Sita tells Hanuman that he alone is enough to defeat Ravana but that she wants to SriRama to come free her . Hanuman again reassures her that Rama Lakshmana will soon come back to free from her captivity. Then Hanuman mounts the mountain Arishta for the return journey to the northern shores. As he flies into the sky the mountain becomes flat unable to bear the pressure exerted by Hanuman in his jump !!

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Chapter 56

Then Hanuman offered his obeisances to Sita sitting under the simsupa tree saying " O Lady by god's grace I am able to see you safe"

Then Sita looking at Hanuman who is getting ready to go back with spoke to him with affection." O Hanuman if you like rest for a while at a safe place and proceed tomorrow".

" Oh Hanuman in fact you can accomplish what is required on your own and the resultant fame is all yours. If Rama feared by enemies wins over lanka with his arrows that will be in line with his name. O greta Vanara please propose a line of action in line with his valor."

Hearing the reasonable meaningful words of Sita devihanuman replied to her as follows.

O Sita devi Sugriva the leader of Vanara armies and the best of Vanaras id very powerful. He is determined to accomplish the task. Both the warriors Rama and Lakshmana will soon come here and will destroy Lanka with their arrows. Very soon SriRama will destroy Ravana along with his followers and will take you back to his capital.

Having reassured Sita Hanuman ready to go back made his obeisances to Sita.

Then the Hanuman the destroyers of enemies climbed the mountain by name 'Arishta". Having climbed the mountain enlarged his form to go north form the southern shores.

Then Hanuman flew into the sky to cross the ocean which is looking terrifying form with its waves banging the beach with its waves.

Thus ends chapter 56 of Sundarakanda

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