Sundarakanda Chapter 57

Hanuman descends on Mahendra


Chapter 57:

Summary : Hanuman descends on the Mahendra mountain and tells everybody that he saw Sita in the Ashoka grove in Lanka guarded by fierce looking Rakshasa women !!

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Chapter 57

That great Hanuman moving with great speed flew like a mountain with wings. With Nagas Gandharvas Yakshas shining like full blown lotuses in that limitless ocean of the sky, Hanuman flying at the speed of the wind crossed the ocean of the sky like a huge ship !!

On the way he touched the mountain Mainaka and moved on very fast like an arrow released from the bow. While nearing that mountain Mahendra on the northern shores that great Vanara gave out a huge roar.

The vanaras who were down cast and worried till then heard that Hanuman's roar which is like the roar of the bursting clouds . Hearing that roar eager and anxious to see Hanuman all the Vanaras were delighted. Very much delighted Jambavan the leader of the Vanaras gathered all the vanaras around him and addressed them.

" Certainly this Hanuman is coming back having succeeded in his mission. There is no doubt as otherwise he will not be producing the roar we hear ! Hearing the sound produced by his movements and the roar the Vanaras started jumping up and down with delight !

Then Hanuman descended on the Mahendra Mountain covered with trees. The delighted Angada and other Vanaras approached Hanuman and surrounded him !

Then that best of Vanaras conveyed his salutation to all the respected elders and the prince Angada. Being praised by all Hanuman then conveyed to all of them " discovered Sita !"

Delighted Hanuman then told all the assembled Vanaras ," I saw that daughter of King Janaka in the Ashoka grove. She is being guarded by fierce looking Rakshasa women. She is anxious to see SriRama. Wearing her hair in a single plait , fasting and wearing worn out clothes, she is emaciated."

Hearing that nectar like word " saw Sita" which is full of meaning , all the Vanaras were very happy !

Praising Hanuman for bringing that great news Angada spoke in front of all Vanaras. " Your devotion to the master is great ! Your courage is great ! Your valor is great ! By Gods grace you have been able to see the Sita the wife of SriRama. By Gods grace too the scion of Kakusthas will now be free from the sorrow of separation from Sita!!

Then all the Vanaras intent on listening to the story of the leap across the ocean then gathered around Hanuman and Jambavan who were seated on the boulders of the mountain.

That mountain peak now graced by the great Hanuman and Angada decked with armlets seated on the boulders shone with great splendor.!

Thus ends chapter 57 of Sundarakanda

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