Sundarakanda Chapter 67

Hanuman Recounts Sita's message !

Chapter 67:

Summary : Hanuman recounts all his conversations with Sita and conveys Sita's message that she should be saved by SriRama

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एवमुक्तस्तु हनुमान् राघवेण महात्मना ।
सीताया भाषितं सर्वं न्यवेदयत राघवे ॥

When Raghava spoke as above , Hanuman then related all his conversations with Sita in their entirety to Raghava.

!! सुंदरकांड !!

Chapter 67

When Raghava spoke as above , Hanuman related all of his conversations with Sita in their entirety to Raghava.

'Oh Best of men ! Janaki related the event of Chitrakota in its entirety as a reminder'. Sita then asked me ' Why is it that the mighty , expert in use of arms , best among persons does not use the weapons on the Rakshasas ? Neither Nagas , or Gandharvas or the Devas or any combination of them cannot face SriRama in a battle. If he has any consideration for me then the great warrior SriRama should kill Ravana with his sharp arrows. Why is Lakshmana the terror of enemies not coming to save me with permission from his brother .Why are the two brothers who are equals of Vayu and Agni in their valor , who cannot be defeated by even Devas , who are the most powerful , not concerned about my plight. Surely that must be because of some poor deed on my behalf'.
Hearing those tearful words of Sita , I spoke to that venerable lady in the following manner.

' Both the mighty warriors are anxious to see you. They will destroy Lanka. They will kill Ravana along with his clan in a battle and will take you to their city . This is certain ! Oh Pious Lady! Please give me a token that can be recognized by Srirama. The Lord will be very happy when he sees the same' .

Oh Rama ! Then she looked around and took out the jewel safely tucked in her sari and gave it to me. The most valuable Chudamani is the jewel she wears on her head ! Seeing me getting ready for the return journey by increasing my size she spoke to me. She spoke to me with anxiety about my return with tears on her face and a voice trembling with tears stuck in her throat ."Oh Hanuman you are lucky because you will soon be seeing SriRama Lakshmana and Sugriva"

When Sita said as above then I told her , ' O Janaki DevI ! Please mount my back . Oh Pious Lady ! I will carry you in a moment so you can see your Lord SriRama , along with Lakshmana and Sugriva too today itself !'

Then She spoke to me as follows . " Oh Best of Vanaras It is not proper that I mount your back. Oh Great warrior ! due to ill fortune I was touched by Ravana . In that unfortunate state what could I have done ? Oh the best of Vanaras ! you please go to where the two princes are". Having said this she started to give me her message. " oh the Best of Vanaras you see to it that the mighty SriRama saves me from this ocean of sorrows"

'Oh King ! Sita told these words with great sorrow. From what all I have related know that Sita is indeed safe !'

!! सुंदरकांड !!

Chapter 67

om tat sat

एतत्तनार्या नृपराजसिंह
सीतावचः प्राह विषादपूर्वम्।
एतच्च बुद्द्वा गदितं मया त्वं
श्रद्धत्स्व सीतां कुशलां समग्राम् ॥

Oh King ! Sita told these words with great sorrow. From what all I have related know that Sita is indeed safe !