Srimad Bhagavatam

Dasama Skandham !

Or Tenth Book of Bhagavatam

With Sanskrit text in Telugu , Kannada and Devanagari,

Dasama Skandham - in Bhagavatam :

In these pages we have brought together the Dasama Skandha of Srimad Mahabhagavatam . For many the Dasama Skandha represents the heart of Bhagavatam relating the complete story of Krishna from his birth to the pinnacle. It is the story of Krishna Avatara. The withdrawal of Krishna avatara happens in the eleventh book ! The chapter wise links are available on this page . The listed chapters include all but one Chapter, namely Chapter 87, of Dasama Skandha.!!

A linked summary of Dasama skandha is also made available


Krishna's Birth ,

Some time when you listen to Bhagavat Katha by anybody ( and we listened to Rameshbhai Ojha's rendering too many times ) the birth of Krishna is the highlight of such narration as far as Dasama Skandha is concerned and the whole pandal erupts into singing and dancing. The arrival of the Lord who announced himself is no doubt a leading event ! While the first sloka of Chapter 3 describes the auspicious time most delectably , the seeds of the event are set much earlier.

The very first chapter of Dasama Skandha ( Chapter 1 ) brings out how Mahavishnu agrees to the request of Goddess earth to descend and reduce her burden . We hear then that he will arrive as son of Vasudeva in human form to destroy Kamsa` The Chapter 2 has the salutations of Brahma and others as the Lord is all set to be born. The Chapter 3 details the birth and switching of Krishna born of Devaki and the female form of Maya born to Yashoda.

The telling of the story of birth of Krishna can not end with birth alone. The chief culprit must know that so we have the Chapter 4 where in Kamsa realizes that Krishna is born and is safe else where !

The story also cannot end without describing the birth festivities at Gokula which is the gist Chapter 5.

We added the naming of Krishna in Chapter 8 to complete the picture.

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