Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 2

Salutations of Brahma

Dasama Skandha ; 2nd Chapter - A Summary

Kamsa starts the persecution of Yadavas. He Kills the first six children of Devaki. It is time for the Seventh when a portion of Mahavishnu's potency enters Devaki. To save the same Mahavishnu asks Maya to transfer the same from Devaki to Rohini the second wife of Vasudeva. The one that is thus born to Rohini is called Balarama. The loss of seventh child was thought of a miscarriage of Devaki. Then MahaVishnu asks Maya to enter Yashoda as a girl and he himself enters Devaki to be born as the one to destroy Kamsa.

This chapter has a beautiful hymn of Brahma in praise of MahaVishnu.

"You represent the ultimate truth. You are committed to truth. You are the truth in all the three stages of evolution. You are the cause of the world. The goodness and truth are your two eyes .We take refuge in you".

Salutations of Brahma:

Suka Deva continued

With the extensive persecution initiated by Kamsa Yadus moved into other kingdoms out of fear. Those who stayed on followed Kamsa's edicts. Kamsa kills the first six children born of Devaki without any hesitation. The Seventh child was to be born. Kamsa was waiting for the eighth. The battle was all set.

A portion of the potency of MahaVishnu by name Anant Sesha enters the womb of Devaki as the Seventh child.

It is at this time MahaVishnu , to protect Yadus from the persecution of Kamsa asks Maya to go to Vrajabhumi where Rohini who is also a wife of Vasudev , is living secretly under the protection of Maharaj Nanda. He directs Maya to transfer the foetus within Devaki forming the seventh child to Rohini in Gokul . The Supreme Being declares that “ the boy born of Rohini will be known as Sankarshana, the one who was transferred. He will be powerful and hence known as Bala and he will be pleasing and hence will be known as Rama.” Thus Balarama was born.

MahaVishnu also asks Maya, the female form of his potency to appear as the daughter of Yashoda, the wife of Maharaj Nanda in Vrajabhumi.

MahaVishnu tells Maya, “ through the ages you will be the worshipped by all , seeking material desires and will be seen as the one giving boons to all devotees . In different part of the earth you will be worshipped under different names like Durga, Maha Kali, Vijaya, Vaishnavi, Kumuda, Chandika, Krishnaa, Madhavi , Kanyaka , Maya, Narayani ,Isaani, Sarada , Ambika “.

As directed by MahaVishnu , Maya secretly transfers the foetus from the womb of Devaki to the womb of Rohini in Gokul . People perceived this loss of Devaki's seventh child with great sorrow as though Devaki had a miscarriage !. Thus the seventh child of Devaki escaped the clutches of Kamsa. And the Seventh child actually appeared as a son of Rohini in Gokul.

MahaVishnu then readies himself to appear in the womb of Devaki as the eight child of Devaki.

He fills the mind of Vasudev with an aspect of his power , and through Vasudev enters Devaki. Both Vasudev and Devaki started to exhibit indescribable brilliant aura, the effect of the Supreme one that has entered their being. Devaki shone with brilliance uncommon to persons of her condition.

Kamsa became aware of the happenings.

He realized that Sri Hari , the MahaVishnu , who is to be the cause of his death is now within Devaki . Yet he also felt that it is not proper to kill his own sister who is pregnant and spoil his reputation and decides to bide his time for the arrival of the eighth child of Devaki .

The formal stage is now set for the arrival of MahaVishnu as the eighth child of Devaki

Lord Brahma who initiated the prayer to MahaVishnu to lessen the burden of the Mother Earth went along with Lord Siva and all other Devas to the place where Devaki and Vasudev are imprisoned to offer their salutations to the Supreme Being now residing in Devaki . They went on to praise the Supreme Being in exalted terms .

‘ Oh Lord you represent the ultimate truth .

You are committed to truth .

You are the truth in all the three stages of evolution .

You are the truth before creation ,

you are the truth in the cosmos as it revolves around you ,

and you are the truth even after the whole creation is destroyed .

You are the cause of the world

that is established through five elements earth fire water air and ether.

The goodness and truth are your two eyes .

We take refuge in you .

You are the protector of all those who make you their focus of attention.

You make it possible for all to approach you , the bachelor through the study of Vedas , the married through their sacred work , the retired through meditation and the sanyasin who renounced the material world through Samadhi .

This earth which is your creation will soon be rid of all the unwanted elements with your birth in the Yadu dynasty.”

They then offered their blessing to Devaki also saying ‘ oh Mother you are indeed blessed as the Supreme being has entered your womb to come to this world and protect the clan of Yadus and rid the world of cruel kings. Have no fear of Kamsa whose end is near. “

Thus offering prayesr the Devas returned to their own abode.

Thus ends Chapter 2 of Dasamaskandha.

Thus offering prayers to the Supreme Being, the Devas with Lord Brahma and Lord Siva in the front returned to their planets.