Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 4

Kamsa and the Eighth child of Devaki

"What is the use in killing me, you fool! Your former enemy, the one to kill you is indeed born somewhere else, do not kill unnecessarily".


Kamsa and the Eighth child of Devaki !

Suka Deva Continued.

The eighth child of Devaki, the divine child, was safely tucked in next to Yashoda, as yet unknown to Yashoda in Gokul. At Mathura, as the effects of Maya wore off on the rest of the people, the girl child who is Yoga Maya herself as ordered by MahaVishnu is now recognized as the eighth child of Devaki.

When the watchmen in the prison heard the cries of the new born child, they rushed to inform Kamsa of the arrival of the eagerly awaited and dreaded eighth child of Devaki.

As soon as he heard the news, Kamsa thinking that the one likely to be responsible for death has arrived, rushed to the prison without losing a second. Thinking that his chance ensures the death of that dreaded eighth child has come, he snatched the child from the arms of Devaki.

Devaki begs of Kamsa saying ‘My dear brother, this is only a girl. This girl will be your daughter in law, don't kill her. Indeed it is unworthy of you to kill a girl. You have already killed all my sons, each one of them bright, beautiful and full of life. Please give this one, a girl, as a gift to me'

Kamsa is not moved.

Devoid of all human feelings, Kamsa holds the girl by her feet and smashes her against a stone. Miraculously the child slips out of his hands, flies upwards, assuming the form of Durga with eight hands carrying eight types of arms and tells Kamsa, ‘ you fool ! What is the use of killing me, your nemesis is already born elsewhere. Do not kill children unnecessarily.‘ Having said this, the Devi Durga, Yoga Maya of MahaVishnu disappeared. Having completed her task as assigned by MahaVishnu, Maya left behind a bewildered Kamsa staring at the sky.

For a moment Kamsa becomes wonder stuck and remorseful.

He immediately releases Vasudev and Devaki. He tells Devaki and Vasudev,' oh dear Sister and dear Bro-in Law, by killing your children I have committed sinful activities, much like a Rashes. I have been devoid of all mercy. I have forsaken all my relatives and friends. Like the killer of a Brahman, I do not know where I will go in this life or after death. Alas, not just human beings, even Devas speak lies. Believing that prophecy, I killed so many of your children. Oh great souls, please do not be aggrieved for your children. Although your children have been killed by me, they have suffered for their own karmas. My dear sister, both of you is saintly persons. Kindly excuse my dreadful actions'. So saying Kamsa fell at the feet of Devaki and Vasudev.

When Devaki saw her brother, looking pitiful and fully repentant, all her anger vanished. She spoke to Kamsa with her familial affection. Kamsa too having seen them free of anger, left them and went to his palace.

In the morning Kamsa summoned all his ministers and informed them about all the events of the early morning, including the utterances of Yoga Mayas that ‘he who is to slay him is already born somewhere else'.

Hearing the words spoken by their master, the ministers said,' Oh King of Bhoja dynasty, if that is so, we shall immediately kill all the infants born in all villages, towns in Vraja within the last ten days or more. Oh Lord these Devas could not face you in battles. Some of them gave up fighting and accepted your superiority and praised you. What can Hari who lives in solitude do? What can Sambhu who resides in crematoriums do? What can Brahma who is always lost in penance do? What can Indra Do? Yet we know that they are desirous of your death. We cannot leave them. We are willing to follow you and defeat the designs of these Devas. The Brahmans, the cows, Vedic knowledge, austerity, truthfulness, faith, mercy, tolerance and sacrifice are different aspects of MahaVishnu. The saintly persons with these qualities also represent the MahaVishnu and persecuting them is the best way to get at Him.‘

Suka Deva says, ‘Ultimately it is the destiny that guides the actions of all. Kamsa destined as he is, became an easy prey to the false advice of his ministers. The demoniac followers of Kamsa were experts in persecution, capable of taking any form any time to achieve their goals. Having given them the permission Kamsa returns to his palace.‘


The duration of Life, beauty, fame, religion, elevation to other planets, blessings will all be destroyed when a man persecuted Great souls