Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 5

Birth festivities in Gokul

With time material things, body by bathing, the unclean by cleaning , birth by purificatory processes , the senses by austerity , Brahmans by worship, wealth by charity , mind by satisfaction , the soul by self realization , get purified .


Birth festivities at Gokul

Suka Deva continued

At Gokul, upon the birth of a son, Maharaj Nanda was overwhelmed with happiness and in great jubilation invited all the Brahmans who are full of Vedic knowledge for performing various ceremonies. After purifying himself, he then performed all the Vedic birth ceremonies as recommended by the Brahmans for the welfare of the infant. He then gave away milk bearing cows, seven hills of grain along with gold and jewelry to mark his happiness.

Suka Mahamauni continued, ‘ oh King with time material things get purified , by bathing body is purified, by cleaning the unclean gets cleansed, by purificatory processes birth becomes purified , by austerity the senses get purified , by worship Brahmans get purified, by charity wealth gets purified , by satisfaction mind gets purified ,the soul gets purified by self realization . Giving away wealth Maharaj Nanda purified himself and ensured the wellbeing of the infant.

As the birth festivities continued, the Brahmans recited Vedic hymns which purified the environment by the vibrations, others recited puranas, singers sang joyful songs, musicians played on musical instruments. Complete festive environment reverberated in the whole of Vraja. The Yadu clansmen, cowherds, visited with Maharaj Nanda to share in the happiness. The Gopis, wives of the cowherds, were all pleased to hear that Mother Yashoda gave birth to a son. All of them offered their blessings to the infant saying, ‘may you become the king of Vraja'.

Maharaj Nanda too gave clothing and ornaments as gifts to all to those who came and blessed the infant, who indeed needed no blessings!

Maharaj Nanda also honored the most fortunate Rohini too. Rohini, who gave birth to Sankarshana, otherwise known as Balaram. She was also delighted with happenings in Gokul with the birth of Krishna

Maharaj Nanda then went to Mathura to pay the yearly taxes to King Kamsa. Vasudev knowing that Maharaj Nanda came to Mathura went and met Maharaj Nanda.

Vasudev sat down with Nanda to respectfully enquire about his two sons and spoke to Nanda. ‘Dear Brother, it is indeed great fortune to have a son at this age when you had none before. It is also good fortune that I am meeting you. Verily it is like a new birth for me. Not living in one place because of circumstances we are floating like wooden pieces in the sea of life. I hope in the place you are living, the cows are being protected; there is enough water and plants for their living. My son Baladev, being raised by you, is he living peacefully with his mother? ‘ .

Maharaj Nanda briefly informed the welfare of all at Gokul and expressed his sorrow at the loss of Devaki's children, including the last and the youngest daughter at the hands of wicked Kamsa. Vasudev then realized that the secret of the child born of Devaki being brought up in Gokul remains.

Ever afraid of the designs of Kamsa, Vasudev requests Nanda to quickly go back to Gokul as he is afraid that there may be many disturbances in Gokul.

While travelling back to Gokul, Nanda thought about the cautionary words of Vasudev. He felt that Vasudev being a wise man, his words cannot be taken lightly. He also realized the only protection for him and his family is the supreme being Sri Hari. He immediately fixed his mind on Him, who is the protector of all and prayed for the welfare of the child, who needs no protection!


Nanda and his cowherd companions being advised by Vasudev taking permission started from that place by bullock carts yoked with oxen to Gokul