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Story of Success!

సిద్ధ్యన్తి కర్మశు మహత్శ్వపి యన్ నియోజ్యాః |
సంభావనా గుణమవేహి తమీశ్వరాణాం||
सिद्ध्यन्ति कर्मशु महत्श्वपि यन् नियोज्याः ।
संभावना गुणमवेहि तमीश्वराणां॥

" ( When) that persons appointed even in great tasks succeed , know that to be the virtue of the regard the Masters have for them "

Context is not important and we will eventually come to that. But the statement and the corollaries are interesting and important

First, this is the statement of a person so deployed.

He was complimented for his success.

He returns the compliment, saying if I am successful it is because of the confidence you had in me !

This is obviously a dialog of two competent people knowing each other’s 'value'.

This success of the one so deployed and in turn bestowed on him as his success is in reality the success of the master. If one can claim such assistants or develops such assistants who bask in success, that indeed is a success.

It is almost like the father and a child. While a father may be successful, at some point it is the success of the child that gives feeling of success and his own successes recede into the background.

It is the success of the successor who succeeds that matters more in enlarging the circle of happiness with master at the center.

This is actually a line from Mahakavi Kalidasa's famous drama 'Sakuntalam.

The speaker is Dushyanta.

Dushyanta who honored the request of Indra to engage and defeat some demons was rewarded by Indra with an ample show of magnanimity by letting him share his high seat for that moment of basking in the Sunshine of Success. With humility as a hall mark Dushyanta says his success is because of the confidence bestowed on him by Indra.

But suppose we turn it around and it is the Master who claims the credit for all such success, the circle of happiness shrinks to a point which is the center which is the master himself anointed with a massive - I ( Self)  

||om tat sat||