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December 2 , 2011

Welcome to Kasarabada.org

This week Bhagavatam continues with Chapter 72 of Dasama Skandha. Dharmaraja decides to perform "Rajasuya Yag". Dharmaraja realizesthat to perform Rajasuya they must defeat Jarasandha , the King of Magadha. They also realizethat jarasandha can bedefeated only in a one to one combat. Krishna , Arjun and Bhim approach Jarasandha in the garb of Brahmins ask for a one on one combat . Jarasandha concedes their request. He also realizesthat thethree Brahmins are none other than Krishna , Arjun and Bhim. He selects Bhim for one to one combat. After Bhim Kills Jarasandha in the fight. Krishna makes Jarasandha's son Sahadevto be the King of Magadh.

Athato Brahmajignyasaa continues . with elaboration on Upanishads. in continuation of the earlier elaboration on the "the Vedas", and the "Mahavakyaas"

The One more thing brings out the Bharavi'sadvice on State Craft. Some of those statements are obviously Timeless . The reading of the advice is also interesting. A poet makes an observation when he notices such a thing or its contrary view. The view expressed is a clear indication of the existenceof the opposite.

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