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Passing away of a Stalwart : Prof B S Rao

Passing away of a stalwart:

Prof Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao

Prof Sarveswara Rao garu is dear to all Kasarabadas and is a highly respected and revered elder of the extended Kasarabada family.

Professor Sarveswara Rao's wife Late Smt Ratnam is the eldest daughter of Dr Chennapragada Subbarao. Dr Chennapragada Subbarao is the first generation Kasarabada Son-in Law. Education and related accomplishments are dear to all kaasarabadas. Sarveswara Rao garu stands tall with his accomplishments. pays its respects to Professor Sarveswara Rao garu , and conveys its heart felt condolences to the eldest of Bhavaraju family, Dr Bhavaraju Parabrahma Murthy.

May the soul of Prof Sarveswara Rao garu rest in peace.


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