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December 16 , 2011

Welcome to Kasarabada.org

This week Bhagavatam continues with Chapter 74 of Dasama Skandha. This is about Sisupalavadha. king Yudhistira performs the Rajasuya. As per the custom the most eigible person is to be honored first. Yudhistira decides on Honoring Lord Krisha with the consent of the assemblage. This couled not be tolerated by Sisupala, the King Chaidya. He launches into a violent abusive attack on Lord Krishna. Thsi could not be tolerated by all the others. Then Krishna Himself puts an end to Sisupala.

Athato Brahmajignyasaa continues . with elaboration on Upanishads in continuation of the earlier elaboration on the "the Vedas", and the "Mahavakyaas".

The One more thing brings out the Bharavi'sadvice on State Craft. Some of those statements are obviously Timeless . The reading of the advice is also interesting. A poet makes an observation when he notices such a thing or its contrary view. The view expressed is a clear indication of the existenceof the opposite.

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