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January 13 , 2012

Kasarabada.org wishes all its readers a Very Happy Pongal / Samkranti.

Through the year 2011 and from the inception the Bhagavatam continued without interruption into the 78th week and the 78th chapter !!. In the new Year we propose to bring a new series under Ramayana. The Ramayana section last featured the Telugu poem " Sundarakanda" of (Late) Pandit Vijayaraghavrao. This will now come back with a new and interesting series. This is about "Role models from Ramayanam". Ramayana starts with a question from Valmiki to Narada... Who in this world is the man of virtue , who is truthful of speech and is of firm resolve? etc. In response Narada tells about the one who descended in the line of Iskwaku. Ramayana is about values and several characters can indeed be seen in the light of being role models. This series is coming because of the initiative of Shri Turaga Rajendraprasad. Shri Turaga's series will start very soon !!.

This week Bhagavatam continues with Chapter 78 of Dasama Skandha. Continuing the battle with Krishna after the death of salva , Dantavaktra comes forward to avenge the death of his friends Sisupala, Salva and Paundraka . Dantavaktra is one of the attendants of Mahavishnu who were cursed to be born three times as asuras and be in confrontation with Mahavishnu. The two attendants are Jaya and Vijaya . Their three births include HiranyaKasyapu and Hiranyaksha , Ravana and Kumbhakarna , finally Sisupala and Dantavaktra. After their death at hands of Mahavishnu in the third birth, they merge with Mahavishnu. This story of Jaya-Vijaya is well known and is recounted as part of Dasama skandha.

Athato Brahmajignyasaa continues . with elaboration on Upanishads in continuation of the earlier elaboration on the "the Vedas", and the "Mahavakyaas".

The One more thing brings out the Bharavi's advice on Statecraft. Some of those statements are obviously Timeless. The reading of the advice is also interesting. A poet makes an observation when he notices such a thing or its contrary view. The view expressed is a clear indication of the existence of the opposite also in those times..

We continue our requests for contributions and suggestions.

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