Sundarakanda Chapter 45

Hanuman Kills Ministers sons !

Chapter 45: Summary :

Then Ravana sends an army led by the seven sons of the ministers. Hanuman easily defeats all of them. Hanuman again gets back to the top of the archway awaiting more forces.

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Chapter 45


Chapter 45

Then the seven son's of the ministers shining ever brightly left the palace to battle Hanuman

The Rakshasas resembling the dark clouds of the rainy season and with their chariots making the similar sounds and moving in the sky like the clouds showered arrows on Hanuman. Hanuman moving in clear skies was able to stifle the power of the Rakshasas and the arrows showered by them.

Then the best of Vanaras hit some of the Rakshasas with the palm of his hand. He kicked some with his legs, some with his fists and some with his sharp nails. Some he hit with chest and some he were hit with the impact of his thighs. Some were scared by the roar of hanuman and fell down. All the Rakshasas fell down on the ground. When all the Rakshasa warriors fell down the rest of the army ran away out of fear.

That is how the chapter 45 ends:

om tat sat

"Then the powerful Hanuman having killed the Rakshasa warriors , still intent on battling some more Rakshasas jumped on to the main arch to await the arrival of more Rakshasa warriors.!!

om tat sat :