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"Urdhvamuula madhah Saakham "-

Some more notes from Kathopanishad !!

Some more notes from Kathopanishad:

The Valli six starts with a very interesting concept of Brahman and the world rooted in Brahman.

This is also to akin to the famous Sloka in the 15 th chapter of Bhagavad-Gita

In Kathopanishad the Sanskrit text actually does not use the word “tree” or Vruksha . It does use the word this is “Aswattha”. Aswattha being a known name of a Vruksha the explanation tended to link the whole thing to a tree. Aswattha in the true Sanskrit elaboration means impermanent. When Yama said “Esho Aswattha “it could simply be “it is impermanent”. Rooted up above in the Brahman spreading its branches below the Samsara is symbol of impermanence. It is absolutely true and in line with the philosophy which declares life as transient and impermanent.

As elaborated by Sankara and for us in a more simple way by Chinmaya it is not about the upside down tree. It is about the all forms being rooted in the source up above that is Brahman.

The concept of whole world sun moon etc running in great terror is that they all follow rigid laws (Maxwells laws may be) as though Brahman is standing by with a Vajrayudaha. The Universe is in fact running smoothly and harmoniously following the laws of nature. The law of nature is the Vajrayudha. the great terror.

As the discourse runs inwards trying to seek the “real you” or "your own real nature” , Yama states emphatically that in the human form you can see yourself as though seeing in a mirror , in other planes of existence say “pitru loka” or “gandharv loka”. It keeps coming back that this form (human) of life is more valuable in attaining “Moksha” compared being in heaven from where anyway one has to come back after the deputation is over or after exhausting all the "good karma" accrued earlier !!!

This is yet another concept that get revised from our childhood mores. "being in heaven" being inferior to being here on earth and attaining Moksha. Which makes "heaven" an unnecessary stop in our journey !!!

||om tat Sat ||