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April 6 , 2012

Kathopanishad 1.3 continues !!

Welcome to April 6 , 2012 issue .

This weeks highlight is the Nachiketa's dialog with Yama continued from the earlier issue where he introduced the word "om". Yama reveals to Nachiketa the existence of a formless colorless odorless tasteless unmanifested Supreme being beyond Atman. At the highest form ( Upanishads - Katha Upanishad) our old scriptures are secular to the core and it is certainly not about the manifested full form of Gods Rama or Krishna as we know. It is about Self and about a fully reined in controlled self driving you to the destination !!. What is said is not too complicated to understand though may be difficult to achieve. It is probably a universal experience that our mind wanders even when we sit in the most important meeting or an event or may be a class at teh school !! . If only the mind is controlled the result could be wonderful even in our own life styles !! A focused unwavering mind could mean more marks in the exam and probably a more efficient management of the project what ever that might be.

A very often quoted sloka is as follows:

This is a comparison of body with chariot self as the master , intellect as the charioteer, mind as the reins and sense organs as the horses.

The last sloka in this valli says this is one story about Death or Lord of Death Yama which can be recited at all times including the times of Shraddha and enjoy the fruits there in!!

In this issue Bhagavatam moves to Chapter 84 of Dasama Skandha where there is an interesting dialog between Krishna and Sages who came to the festival. Sages quickly the get on with the irony of the situation where-in the Supreme Lord is acting as though he is a commoner!! The chapter covers the Yagas done by Vasudeva father of Lord Krishna following all rituals.

We are presently running a series on Role models from Ramayana. The fifth such model in the Series is Sabari appearing with this issue. The kasarabada.org started essentially with our thoughts on Sundarakanda . Our First issue carried the down loads of Sankshipta Sundarakanda inTelugu , Devanagari ( Sanskrit) as well as a Kannada version and a Malayalam version too ! We also carried the complete Telugu "Sankshipta Sundarakanda " in free verse form from Late Pandit Vijayraghavrao" . The Ramayana page has all the links for interested Readers.

Ramayana continues with the story on Sabari in Ramayana Role Models. This appears under Ramayanam

One more thing starts with a shorter version of Sabari we heard in our childhood. In Ramayana it is a story told by Kabandha an ogre whose arms were severed by Sri Rama and Lakshmana. One more thing also carries the earlier story on Chrvakas . That is about Charvaka school which believes in "Here" and "Now". It is too interesting to be left out so quickly !! .

As stated the Ramayana Role models is appearing under Ramayanam.Shri Turaga has provided two links ( 1 , 2) for further readings.

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- contributed by Kamaraju Turaga


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