Sundarakanda Chapter 62

Vanaras thrash the guards of Madhuvan !!

Chapter 62:

Summary : Hanuman tells the Vanaras to drink freely without concern;, Angada too tells the same. Vanaras too enjoying themselves thrash the guards who run away and report to Dadhimukha who is in charge of the protection force. Dadhimukha comes back to Madhuvan with all his force. He too was attacked by the intoxicated Angada without respecting his age. Then Dadhimukha gathers his followers and goes to where Sugriva is and report the matter to him.

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Chapter 62

Hanuman then told the Vanaras " Oh The best of Vanaras ! you please drink freely . without any fear of obstruction. ".

Hearing those words of Hanuman, Angada one of the chief Vanaras said ," Oh Vanaras ! Happily drink without fear . Word of Hanuman who accomplished the task is to be obeyed by me even if it is improper. Then what to speak in a matter like this which is quite proper!"

Hailing Angada all the Vanaras then entered the Madhuvan like the overflowing waters of a river . Then they drank the honey in large measures with their hands and thrashed who ever came in their way . The followers of Dadhimukha protecting the Madhuvan thus threatened and thrashed by the Vanaras ran away in all directions !

The Vanara chief Dadhimuka who was to protect Madhuvan having heard that Madhuvan has been destroyed and being angered, told his followers who have been thrashed as follows " Oh Vanaras come ! We will go to the place of those arrogant Vanaras. We will stop those Vanaras drinking honey using force." Hearing those words of Dadhimukha , the heroic Vanaras quickly reached Madhuvan along with him .

On the way the powerful Dadhimukha uprooted one tree as he approached the Madhuvan. Then angry Angada the hit him with his hands. Without thinking that this one is to be respected the intoxicated Angada pushed him to the ground and kicked him. Shocked Dadhimukha who is an uncle of Sugriva recovered after a second then taking his staff tried to stop the intoxicated the Vanaras. Then getting away from the Vanara army , he spoke to his followers in a desolated place. " Let them do what they want ! Sugriva our king , who knows right from the wrong is with Rama and Lakshmana. Let us go there and report to him".

In the next moment Dadhimuka reached the place where Sugriva the son of the Surya and the most powerful one was staying. From the sky itself he could see the place where SriRama and Lakshmana are located. On an even space near by the Dadhimuka landed with his followers.

Then that powerful Dadhimukha who is leader of the forest guards and who is in a pitiable condition paid obeisance at the feet of Sugriva with folded hands after landing on the earth along with all his followers

Thus ends Chapter 62 of Sankshipta Sundarakanda

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