Sundarakanda Chapter 63

Sugriva asks Dadhimukha to send

Hanuman and others !!

Chapter 63:

Summary : Dadhimukha tells that Angada and others destroyed the Madhuvan. Sugriva immediately understood that Vanaras and specifically hanuman found Sita. He tells Dadhimukha to go back and send Hanuman and other vanaras immediately

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Chapter 63

Seeing Dadhimukha the Vanara chief prostrating before him, that King of Vanaras with anxiety in his heart spoke to him. " Please get up .Why are you falling at my feat ? You have my protection . Please tell me everything "

Thus having been assured by Sugriva , the intelligent Dadhimukha stood up and spoke to him. " O king the Madhuvan protected by your father Ruksharaja , your self and Vali too , has been destroyed by the Vanaras who ate all fruits etc from the Madhuvan. Along with the forest guards I tried to stop them. Even then without caring a bit they went on eating what ever they wanted. When you are the king these Vanaras killed some of our guards and went about destroying Madhuvan"

When Dhadhimukha was briefing king of Vanaras , the destroyer of enemies and highly intelligent Lakshmana asked Sugriva, " O King why is the forest chief here ? Why is he disturbed? what is he telling you about ?" Asked by Lakshmana as above Sugriva the king of Vanaras who is good at speaking replied as follows:

" Respected Lakshmana ! Angada and other Senior Vanaras have destroyed Madhuvan. Coming back from South they won't attempt this kind of thing unless they have completed their task. There is o doubt they have located Sita. That surely was accomplished by none other than Hanuman !! O Lakshmana ! Sitadevi has surely been located. The fact that they are drinking "Madhu" is proof enough "

Hearing that most welcome news from Sugriva, both Rama and Lakshmana were delighted

Then Sugriva replied the Forest chief Dadhimukha ." The eating fruits and drinking the madhu by the Vanaras who have completed their task is agreeable to me. I am happy. Because they have completed their task their actions are acceptable. Go back to Madhuvan. You keep protecting the same. Please send Hanuman and other senior vanaras here immediately"

Seeing the happiness of the princes announced by the expanded eyes expressing joy , Sugriva himself was delighted with horripilations all over his body in anticipation of impending success.

Thus ends Chapter 63 of Sankshipta Sundarakanda

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