One more thing ! ......

A sequel to .. Vak bhushanam bhushanam !

A Sequel to Vakbhushanam bhushanam !

'Vakbhushanam bhushanam'. It is about cultured speech!

The last line was that - 'it is not our brief that the cultured speech solves all the problems. A cultured speech is more likely to pave the way for the other one to hear your point. Ultimately winning the argument depends on the merit of the case. Cultured speech gives you only an opening. In any case an uncultured slog at the boss/husband / girlfriend/ boyfriend is unlikely to get you anywhere. And bosses etc., who use one too many uncultured slogs, will certainly find themselves where they deserve to be, with no loyal following!'!

Having said that there is another aspect of ‘vakbhushanam ‘

Cultured speech is also about being sensible in arguments

Some times you want to make a point , a sensible point .

It may be a small point , but an important point from some perspective.

In order to substantiate that point , you go on adding other points which are not related to the main point.

That happens .

That happens mostly out of immaturity. The main purpose is to get across to the others that the first point or grouse is some thing either you feel strongly about or It is some thing you feel hurt about.

Adding unrelated points is a standard tactic of most people who just want to register their first point in some form of loud protest , but do not have anything more substantial to say !

There after the argument moves on to those other points and intended first point is left behind.

And if it happens that you picked a weak point your then you anyway get hammered and the first point is lost .

If it happens that you picked up a real strong point in this journey then you really get hammered for picking up an unrelated point !!

Which ever way, one may look when one moves away from the main point and add other unrelated things the credibility of the first argument is lost.

Moral is be sensible-

if there is point to be made then make it ! But do not stray away from it

Do not build on a small point for arguments.

Let the small point be small point!

Trying to make small issue into a bigger thing gets you no where !!

Vakbhushanam .. Bhushanam

om tat sat