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Homage to a generation !

She passed away at the ripe age of hundred and two years. As soon as I heard that , it immediately struck me that she was the last of our elders and that that was really the end of a generation . That was a generation of our elders born towards the end of 19th century and the early part of the 20th century.

As I said her passing away signals the end of a generation. A generation that in a way grew up along with the independence movement in India. Seeing , smelling and breathing in that exhilarating atmosphere they absorbed those values and very silently passed on the same to us. While her passing away is a sad event for the children and those of us connected with her from the childhood, there is a lot to celebrate for the contributions of that generation which she represented.

The pillar of that generation was the father of that generation who took Sanyasa in a formal way, even acquiring a name Sachidanada, a la Swami Sachidananda, just before his death. A good number of us in this generation carry that name. That act of renunciation was probably his way of telling us that the goal of life is not just material acquisitions. His was a life of service with govt in a coveted position, which in terms of today's creative money spinning activities, would have been a highly lucrative position. With a family of five sons and five daughters or five daughter- in laws and five son-in-laws, it was a full family. Some of them may have reached his level of philosophy. Some of them his philosophy of service with Govt. One of them had a saintly look. One of them was a journalist or correspondent who was always attired in resplendent Khadi with a whole some smile. And one was suited booted with a cigar in hand! Another was a doctor and as passionate as far as I remember about Khadi, connecting kasarabadas with another very illustrious family. The daughter -in laws brought in streams of other family cultures merging into the melting pot of kasarabadas. They all became one seamlessly !

That was the generation that gave us a sense of confidence, sense of right and wrong. Without teaching , they taught us to be respectful of elders , they taught us to move on easily without offending others. It became second nature to follow the dictum give respect and get respect . Most of all they led us to respect education and hard work . There are several stories of success in education and service by the progeny of the melting pot generation. Purpose is not to detail them here , but to acknowledge the role of the that generation. The last Kasarabada of that generation of Kasarabadas breathed her last at the ripe age of one hundred two years.

Now it is the turn of the second generation of melting pot of Kasarabadas descending from that pillar. A few ladies virtually the best of this current melting pot generation ,or the grand children of Kasarabada pillar, who were in synch with that spirit have also joined the earlier generation in the heavens. They were like the Mohican women, - 'the Mohican women were generally in charge of the home, children, and gardens while men travelled greater distances to hunt .' - Like the "Last of the Mohicans" one may be tempted to say we have seen the" last of the great Kasarabadas".

It may be that this generation caught in awe of their parents and the swirling winds of time and change , facing a world which is entirely different from the exhilarating times faced by the previous generation , may not measure up to the social spiritual familial standards of the previous generation. However evaluating the current generation is the charge of the next generation.

But we are sure to see leaders in the next generation who will bring to light the spirit of kasarabadas contributing to the community and contributing to the success of human spirit . And the best part is that they retain the respect for hard work.

We already see the seeds !

om tat sat !