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An attitude of not giving up !

When you glance through the news items some times the articles appearing on the same date but years ago catch our interest . The other day one such article that caught my interest. It was about famous Basket ball player Michael Jordan making 63 points for Chicago Bulls against Boston Celtics in 1986 (April 20, 1986). Bulls of course lost to Celtics despite Jordan's heroics. Probably there was more surprise about the fight given by Bulls than the victory of Celtics. Celtics were such a power house !

In the usual post match conference Jordan spoke about his performance.
He said the following:

"I just kept trying and trying, pushing myself, pushing myself. We didn't win, but I learned something about myself. No matter what, you continue to work and never give up. Even if we get swept, it won't be an easy sweep. We've shown people that."

The line that  that caught my interest was .." No matter what you continue to work and never give up " 

In the complex environments that we work there are any number of obstruction or events that can divert your attention from the main task. A weaker mind will use those events to justify for getting diverted. A mind focussed on the main objective will not get diverted . No matter what he would continue to work and never rest until his perceived job is completed.

That  line " No matter what you continue to work and never give up " is a line that defines an attitude . It is an attitude which will always lead to a happy feeling of having always done what is required irrespective of anything !!

This is the attitude of people who are focussed on reaching their goals. They set their self imposed goals on higher pedestal than all the other distractions.

This is also in synch with what we are seeing elsewhere in the Bhagavad-Gita pages which is our current obsession.

In Gita too the bottom line is “ No matter what , you continue to work without focussing on fruits or results never give up. Then you attain that true blissful experience of happiness.”

om tat sat

|| om tat sat ||