||Stutis and Songs ||

|| Om tat sat ||

All Religions suggest the technique of Prayer and they prescribe Sacred Hymns on the Glory of the Lord or Stotras, for the use of Seekers/ Sadhakas in their prayer.

The chanting of the Divine name has an important place in the discipline of prayer advocated by the Bhakti tradition.

This adoration of the Divine by the 'Name' takes two forms - Japa and Stotra.

Japa is the silent repetition of a single Divine Name.

The Stotra is invariably uttered aloud, and it may consist in chanting verses conveying the Glory and attributes of the Divine

Many different types of Stotras / Hymns have been composed, and are available.

The power of prayer is Immense and is personal. The more faith, a Sadhaka or the Seeker has in the power of prayer, the more fruit he will see. The prayer has the effect of cleansing the mind and bringing peace.

In most households the Stuti Slokas and Songs are indeed a part of the process of bringing up the children. Indeed, in our case those childhood memories keep getting revived every now and then when some of us siblings meet and invariably sing those Stuti Slokas and Songs with full throated voices. The selections presented here are representative of what we remember from our childhood.

These are for your reading pleasure.

|| Om tat sat ||