Sundara kanda:

Chapter 10!

Hanuman sees Mandodari, Thinking

her to be Sita becomes joyful !!!

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Chapter Summary : First Hanuman Sees Ravana sleeping on a fabulous couch. Then he sees various women of the harem also sleeping in different postures. Among them he sees a beautiful woman, Mandodari, sleeping on a special couch. Thinking her to be Sita Hanuman rejoices displaying his simian nature.



Chapter 10

Hanuman who was intensely searching for Sita came across a special sleeping quarters resembling celestial quarters in a prominent palace. In fact there was none like that in the whole world. Upon that stood a bed-stead of Sapphire which was supported by stands which were made of ivory inlaid with gold , which in turn was spread with costly sapphires. The bedstead was decorated with wreaths of Ashoka tree and on one end stood an umbrella white as a moon.

On that bed King Ravana was asleep. His body was smeared with sweet scented red sandal. His color was dark like that of a deep blue cloud . He wore bright earrings, cloth of gold, and various ornaments on his body . Then Hanuman saw the valorous King ,the beloved of Rakshasa maids and delight of Rakshasas sleeping on the couch having had a bout of drinking.

Approaching Ravana who was snoring like an elephant , Hanuman shrank back as if he saw a serpent. Then he moved on to a stage along the stairway and from a distance looked at Ravana, the lion among the Rakshasas.

As powerful Ravana was sleeping , his bed seemed to be grand cascade and his outspread hands seemed like flag staff of Indra. The hands were adorned with ornaments and were strong and firm like bolts and the trunk of an elephant. His thumbs , beautiful nails and his fingers adorned with rings looked like a penta headed snake. And his arms bore the marks of wounds caused by the tusks of Airavat , by the thunderbolt of Indra and by the discuss of Vishnu. Those hands were smeared with sweet scented Sandal. Those mighty arms had vanquished Gods and Asuras in the field of battle. As he was sleeping the room got filled with the huge breaths issued forth from the mouth of the Rakshasa king and carrying various fragrances including the wines.

At that time four golden lamps burned in the four corners of the room. And they rendered the dark figure of Ravana distinctly visible like a mass of clouds by a lightning. His wives were lying near his feet. Their countenances were beautiful as the moon and they wore sapphire ear rings, diamond bracelets, and garlands of un faded luster. By their beauty the bed appeared like a sky full of stars. They were highly skilled in music and dancing and being overcome with fatigue they were enjoying rest in sleep. One beauty skilled in dancing slept embracing Vina betraying a graceful posture of dancing. One slept with a musical instrument in her lap like a mother sleeping with her baby . Another slept with dindimas in front of her as well as he back as through sleeping with her husband and child .

Among those women Hanuman saw a very beautiful woman sleeping on a specially laid out magnificent couch. Hanuman saw the lady with golden luster mistress of the women of the harem , a fair complexioned lady named Mandodari

Seeing the lady well adorned with jewels and youthful exuberance , thinking she is Sita the mighty armed Hanuman was overjoyed with delight.

In that joy true to his simian nature Hanuman clapped his arms kissed his tail jumped around , rejoiced , climbed up the pillars and slid back.

Thus ends Chapter 10 of Sundarakanda

om tat Sat