Sundara kanda:

Chapter 11!

Not finding Sita Hanuman continues

the search !!!

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Chapter Summary : Hanuman quickly discards the thought that the lady sleeping in the Royal quarters is Sita. He concludes that separated from Rama, Sita cannot be sleeping like that. Then He continues the search and sees a number of ladies in different sleeping postures. Moving about and looking at women sleeping in different postures a thought occurs to Hanuman, making him wonder if he is crossing the lines of right conduct in looking at other ladies. Then he quickly concludes that he can search for Sita only among ladies and his mind is unaffected by what he is seeing. At the end of his search in the Royal quarters he still does not find Sita. Though disheartened Hanuman decides to renew his search with more vigor.


" Discarding that thought (that Mandodari is Sita) the great Vanara continues thinking about Sita in another way' .


Chapter 11

Hanuman quickly recovers from his jubilation of having discovered Sita. He discards the thought that Mandodari is Sita and continues thinking about Sita.

He says to himself :

‘Separated from Rama, She will not be able to sleep like this. Nor she will be able to divert herself by eating or decorating herself or much less enjoy a drink. She will not consort with another person even if he is the King of the Rakshasas, for there is none in the three worlds who is equal to Rama'.

Concluding that she is not Sita, Hanuman the foremost of the Vanaras began moving about in search of Sita with renewed vigor, ever keen to have the 'darshan" of Sita

There he saw women who were exhausted by games and singing, some were tired because of dancing, some others had been overpowered by drinking. Some had reclined on some other musical instruments and fell asleep. Some were sleeping on excellent beds. Hanuman saw number of women who were adorned with beautiful jewels, who were adept at talking of one others charms, who were capable talking with due regards to the time and place. Elsewhere he saw thousands of young ladies sleeping who take delight in the talk of others charms.

Among those ladies the mighty armed Ravana looked like the bull lying in the cow pen!! Surrounded by all those ladies Ravana looked like a Lordly Elephant surrounded by many she-elephants!

In those sleeping quarters Hanuman saw a hall filled with all desirable objects. He saw the meat of Deer and Buffaloes as well as that of Boars arranged separately. He saw variety of eatables, variety of drinks. At another place he saw left over food. Even while looking at all these objects Hanuman moved about looking for Sita.

Then he saw beds of many women which were unoccupied. Then he saw women who snatched others garments to cover themselves. He saw women lost in sleep and who embraced each other in their sleep. The breathing of the women in deep sleep created a gentle breeze making the upper garments and flower garlands worn, gently flutter in the Breeze. In this way Hanuman saw the inner palaces of Ravana but he could not see Sita.

While gazing at the women Hanuman became a victim of misgivings as to whether he infringed the moral code in doing so. He said to himself 'Gazing on a group of others wives lying fast asleep is not good, this should affect my commitment to virtue. My gaze never fell on others wives, now this sinful man who has taken others wife has been seen by me'.

Then a thought occurred to him which is to show his duty. He said to himself “True I did see the sleeping consorts of Ravana, but my mind is unaffected by any other thoughts. Undoubtedly the mind is instrumental in impelling all the sense organs towards good and evil actions. Even so my mind is unaffected and is established on the right path. Surely Sita cannot be searched for anywhere else, for when search is to be carried out for a woman it can only be among women. One looks for a being among the variety that comprises it. Also a woman cannot be searched among the deer ! Therefore with a pure mind only the entire inner palaces of Ravana have been searched by me. However she is not to be seen!'

Having satisfied himself Hanuman continued his search. He could see many women but not Sita. Not finding Sita Hanuman fell into contemplation. Then Hanuman the embodiment of all that is auspicious came out and reaffirming his determination he began to search for Sita once more.

Thus ends Chapter 11 of Sundarakanda

om tat Sat

'Hanuman, the embodiment of all that is auspicious came out and reaffirming his determination began to search for Sita once more'