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June 8 , 2012

Welcome to kasarabada.org

This week we move on to chapter 89 from Chapter 88 of Dasama Skandha. The chapter 89 is about Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara ! It starts as usual with a query or a statement from Suka Rajan, " once all the sages were performing a long sacrifice on the banks of the river Saraswati. A discussion arose as to who among the three Lords Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara is the greatest". So that is what Chapter 89 is about. To be more precise the chapter includes more than that. It includes how Krishna and Arjun save the children of a Brahmana !!

This week we also want to convey our condolences to Family of KVV Visweswara Rao who passed away on June 3 2012.

We have also revisited and earlier article now updated - "Hitam manohari cha durlabham Vachah" which translates tosaying it is difficult say nice things and good things at the same time - some times .

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We now have 85 chapters of Dasama Skandha of Bhagavatam. All these chapters ( stories on krishna) are listed byname and are available on a link on the Bhagavatam page.

We have complete bouquet of articles on Ramayana Role models from Ramayana Srirama , Sita , Hanuman , Jataayu , Sabari , Bharata , Lakshmana. Apart from these there were some special articles namely The Message of Ramayana , Going to the Forests and about Hanuman in "In the thick of the Battle " . Along the same lines are the earlier articles in praise of Hunuman 1 , Hanuman 2 and Valmiki Sundarakanda . Added to this bouquet is the Sundarakanda as a Telugu poem by Pandit Vijayraghavrao. We have also added some downloads specifically for the Sankshipta Sundarakanda ( with Sanskrit slokas) reproduced in different language scripts namely Sanskrit , Telugu , Kannada and Malayalam . There is also a Telugu Sundarakanda Katha for those interested in reading the same as prose story !!,.

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