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April 20 , 2012

Lakshmana - Ramayan Role models

Welcome to April 20 , 2012 issue .

This issue carries some more quotes on Indian Antiquity and the Vedas starting with Henry David Thoreau's quote.This is a continuation of an earlier piece. Thsi appears under 'One More Thing'

This issue also carries the article on Lakshmana as part of Ramayana Role models.

This issue also carries the 85th Chapter of Dasama Skandha of Bhagavatam. This chapter is about Krishna's Parents Devaki and Vasudeva. And Devaki displays the natural trait of a mother's anguish. Having known that Balarama and Krishna brought back to life the son of Guru Sandipani as a Gurudakshina , Devaki bares her feelings for the seven children killed by Kamsa. She Asks Krishna to bring them back. Krishna acting as a dutiful son would brings them back to life. The chapter 85 covers that story.

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