Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 45

Events following Kamsa's death:

Bringing back Gurus's dead Son !

Knowing that Parents have realized , knowing that this should not be , the Supreme one spread his Maya which bewilders every one.


Events following the Death of Kamsa ; and Bringing back Gurus dead Son !!

 Suka Deva continued

 Krishna understood that Vasudeva and Devaki have realized the idea of his being the Supreme being . Knowing that this should not be , the Supreme one again spread his Maya which bewilders every one.

Approaching his parents along with his elder brother, respectfully addressing them as mother and father, Lord Krishna and spoke to them giving joy. “ Oh Father, because of us you have been in great strain and could not have the pleasure of your children in their infancy , boyhood and the youth. We have also been deprived of experience of being pampered by parents too because of divine intervention. One can achieve every thing in life, but not repay the debt to parents who gave birth even in hundred years. An able person who does not support his old father and mother, faithful wife and children , or the Guru, or a Brahman, he is as good as a living corpse. Therefore indeed both of us wasted those days not honoring you when you have been troubled by King Kamsa . Oh ! Father and Mother, you may please forgive us, for not performing our duty when you were under pain caused by the hard hearted Kamsa”. Thus enraptured by the words of the Lord, who under power of maya appeared in human form, the parents joyfully embraced him. Overwhelmed with love and affection the parents could only speak with a steady flow of tears .

Having assured the parents, Bhagavan, the son of Vasudeva, then made Ugrasena the King of Yadus and said,” Maharaj, we are your subjects please order us. Because of the curse of Yayati no Yadu can sit on this throne. However when I am present as your servant , even the Devas will bring tributes to you , what to speak of other kings “.

Krishna then welcomed back all the close family members and other relations like Yadus, Vrishnis, Andhakas, Madhus, Dasarhas Kukuras who fled under the fear of Kamsa and restored their honor and wealth. Seeing the cheerful beautiful merciful loving face of Krishna with smiling glances all of them were happy without the fever of material wants. Even the most elderly seemed to have been restored to youthfulness with the presence of Lord Krishna. Protected by the arms of Krishna and Balaram, achieving their desires , all of them enjoyed peace and prosperity in their homes.

O Rajan! Krishna then approached Maharaj Nanda, along with Balaram and addressed him. ”They are real father and mother, who nourish as their own children those who could not be protected or maintained. You are that father and mother to us. Now please return to Vraja. We will come to visit all our well wishers after bestowing happiness to all people here “. In this manner consoling Maharaj Nanda and other Gopas, the two brothers honored them with gifts. Having been addressed as above Maharaj Nanda embraced Krishna with tearful eyes and left for Vraja along with all the Gopas.

Then Vasudeva, the son of Surasena then performed Upanayana, the thread ceremony, which is like a second birth for the two sons Balaram and Krishna . Vasudeva then honored all the Brahmans with gifts of cows and gold ornaments. According to the practice of Upanayana, Krishna and Balaram took the vows of celibacy from Garga muni the spiritual master of Yadus.

Krishna and Balaram desiring to be in a Gurukul , approached Guru Sandipani a native of Kasi living in Avanti. Though they are the originators of all knowledge and hiding that in their incarnation in the human form, they approached the guru in all humility, as one would approach the Supreme being. The Brahman too was satisfied with their approach and taught them all Vedas and the corollary Upanishads along with the confidential art of military science , the law, the philosophy ,and the political science. Krishna and Balaram being the best of persons absorbed everything at one helping and learnt the traditional sixty four arts in as many days and nights.

They then offered Guru Dakshina.

The Master knowing the greatness of his pupils and consulting his wife, he chose the return of his son who died at place called Prabhasa as the Gurudakshina. The two brothers then went to Prabhasa and sat down on the shores of the ocean. Recognizing him as the Supreme Person, the Samudra, deity of the ocean approached Krishna. Bhagavan said to him please return my master's son who was taken away by a wave . Samudra said ,”Oh Lord , a descendant of Aditi by name Panchajana a powerful demon , traveling in the form of a conch, has taken him away.” Hearing this Krishna entered the ocean, found Panchajana and killed him.

Not seeing the boy, Krishna went to Samyamani the abode of Lord Yama with the conch. Reaching Samyamani Krishna blew the conch loudly announcing his arrival. Hearing the conch Lord Yama came out .

Seeing Krishna and instantly recognizing him as the form of Lord Vishnu said .” Oh Lord what should I do for you “. Krishna said ,” The son of my Guru has been brought here, due to his own past. O Lord please bring him back as my command “. Obeying the command, Lord Yama brought back the son of Sandipani, the guru. Krishna and Balaram presented the boy to the Guru .

The Guru very much pleased told Krishna. 'Dear boy, you have truly discharged your duty with Guru Dakshina. With disciple like you what does a guru need ? Now please go to your home. Your fame will sanctify the universe. The Vedic hymns will for ever remain fresh in your memory in this life and the next one too.”

Blessed by their spiritual master in this way, Balaram and Krishna returned to Mathura !

Thus ends chapter 45 of Dasama Skandha

om tat sat


On the return of Rama and Krishna , the people of Mathura who had missed their sight for several days felt as happy as the ones who got back lost wealth.