Sundara kanda:

Chapter 13

Hanuman enters Ashokvan !!

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Chapter Summary :

Hanuman quickly moves on to search for Sita. Having gone through Lanka and worried about not finding Sita , Hanuman lets his fear of consequences fly high ! . But gathering his wits and his natural courageous mood Hanuman decides to continue his search . He then sees Ashokvan which he has not entered before. Prays to all Gods that he should succeed in finding Sita and makes a bid to enter Ashokavan!!



Chapter 13

Moving like a lightning among the clouds Hanuman reached the boundary wall from the palace . Having gone around all the palaces and not having been able to find Sita, Hanuman said to himself.

'In my effort to do the bidding of Rama I have searched whole of Lanka . But I could not find the most beautiful Sita, the daughter of King Janaka. That Sita devi is in Ravana's living quarters has been intimated by Sampati, the king of Vultures . But I am unable to see her. Being afraid of the power of Rama's arrows that Rakshasa King might have been traveling with great speed. And in the process Sita might have fallen off from the grasp of the Rakshasa. Or while being carried across the seas struggling to be free of the Rakshasas he might have fallen into the sea. But whether Janaka's daughter and the loving wife of Srirama is living though unseen, or perished or died, such news cannot be conveyed to Rama. If I convey the information there may be a catastrophe and if I do not convey it is disloyalty. How do I perform my duty? Both course appear difficult. If I go and convey that unpleasant news that I have not found Sita , Rama may give up his life in a moment. Finding him in dire straits and bent on giving up life the extremely devoted and sagacious Lakshmana too will be no more. Hearing about the loss of the two brothers even Bharata will die. Seeing the death of Bharata Satrughna will be no more. Reckoning their sons to be dead the mothers Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi too will no longer be alive. King Sugriva who is grateful and true to his pledge will yield his life seeing the plight of Rama . So I am not leaving the city and going to Kishkindha. I cannot face King Sugriva with out seeing Maithili'.

In this way thinking about all possible consequences and grieving , Hanuman could not extricate himself from the sorrow.

Then recovering himself realizing his courageous nature, Hanuman declares to himself. 'Let it be. Whatever might have happened to Sita who was abducted I will Kill the Ten headed Ravana and avenge her abduction. I will search Lanka till I find Sita the illustrious consort of Rama. Here is a large grove of Ashoka trees. It has many big trees. I shall explore it since I have not searched before'.

Having reflected for a moment as it were, Hanuman the mighty son of Vayu stood up shaking off his dejection. Then he prayed to the deities:

'Hail to Rama accompanied by Lakshmana. Hail to the Goddess like daughter of King Janaka. Salutations to Rudra , Indra, Yama and the wind God . Salutations to Chandra, God of Fire and all other Gods. May the Glorious self born Brahma, as well as the other Gods, the ascetics, the God of Fire and Indra the wielder of Vajrayudha grant success to me. Varuna , the one who carries the noose in his hand , The Moon God, the Sun God, the high souled Aswinis and all the wind Gods may bestow success on me .All created beings as well as Lord Vishnu who is the Lord of all beings and all the seen and unseen Gods bestow success on me'.

Then he thought about the auspicious form of Sita devi's.

" How will I come across the helpless and pitiable lady who is over powered by that mean and vile Ravana who wears fearsome ornaments ?

Thus ends Chapter 13