One more thing !

"I am Fragravted"

|| om tat sat ||

'I am Fragravated !!'

I was on my usual run of reading the wonderful lines of Valmiki .
This time it is about the sorrowing Sita in the Tattvadipika, the inner story of Sundarakanda.

I was lost in the Govindaraja's commentary on those wonderful lines.

Then I heard.

'I am fragravated'

That was my granddaughter.
She just turned five.
She was sounding serious.
I asked her 'what is fragravated'

She said, 'I am frustrated because mommy is not letting me play with my iPad.
And I am aggravated because she is insisting that I do things I do not like.'
'I am upset'.

She is sitting in her special corner where she goes when she is upset.
I know I can get her off that track.
I have to only ask her where she got the word from.
I can easily imagine her triumphant smile,
while pointing to her brain with her little fore finger.
That will be an opening for a dialogue to change her mood.

But I could not get over that first line - 'I am fragravated'.

She, a five-year-old, is frustrated and aggravated!?!

I thought actually her mom deserves to be more 'fragravated,' managing the pandemic, forced to be a work at home mom, with the on line schooling from home for kids, while simultaneously performing the magic of remote working for an office requiring situation reports amid endless zoom calls.

Then my thoughts turned to my wife. She has even more reasons to be 'fragravated' being the one who chases everybody around for everything and against their will.

Suddenly I remembered the sorrowing Sita in the Valmiki's Sundarakanda.
Valmiki wrote many wonderful lines about her sorrow.
But Valmiki did not get it.
Sita's status could have been very well described by the same magic word.
'Fragravated', as used by my granddaughter.
Sita was in great sorrow hoping for a rescue from captivity in Lanka.
Her thoughts about reasons for not being rescued, resulted in more frustration
Her frustrations became doubly aggravated by Ravana's threat.
That threat was giving her two more months to accept his proposal.
Otherwise she would be on the breakfast table of Ravana.
Thus, fragravated Sita was in a deep 'fragravation'.
She was even contemplating visiting Yama.
At that moment of deep fragravation - it happened!
Hanuman sang that song of Rama Katha.
Sita loves Rama Katha.
Sita's mood changed totally.
Sundarakanda took a turn.

That scene rang a bell for me.

I immediately started singing in my very own tune.
'Garuda gamana tava
Charana kamala miha
Manasi lasatu mama nityam..
Manasi lasatu mama nityam '|

That is the favorite song of my granddaughter.

She immediately jumped up. t
'Stop it Tata.
That is not the way to sing!
I will sing'.

Her 'Fragravation' disappeared.
She was in a different mood.
She started singing,

I could get back to my 'Tattvadipika Sarga 31'.

|| om tat sat ||