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May 25 , 2012

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We have completed the Role models from Ramayana which brought out articles on Srirama , Sita , Hanuman , Jataayu , Sabari , Bharata , Lakshmana. Apart from these there were some special articles namely The Message of Ramayana , Going to the Forests and about Hanuman in "In the thick of the Battle " . Along the same lines are the earlier articles in praise of Hunuman 1 , Hanuman 2 and Valmiki Sundarakanda . This completes a bouquet of articles on Ramayana with the first seven articles as above contributed by Tuaraga. Our thanks are to Mr Turaga for always being ahead of the time lines in presenting these articles!!!. Added to this bouquet is the Sundarakanda as a Telugu poem by Pandit Vijayraghavrao. We have also added some downloads specifically for the Sankshipta Sundarakanda ( with Sanskrit slokas) reproduced in different language scripts namely Sanskrit , Telugu , Kannada and Malayalam . There is also a Telugu Sundarakanda Katha for those interested in reading the same as prose story !!,.

Dasama skandha of Bhagavatam moves this week into chapter 86 covering Subhadra kalyanam.

Dasama skandha being the complete story of Krishna one may expect a more detailed treatment of Krishna's sisters's kidnapping and marriage. In fact though the whole story is narrated in twelve slokas only. There after it continues with a story of two of Krishna's disciples Srutadeva and King of Mithila . In the Bhagavatam itself the chapter 86 is named as " srutadeva anugraho naama Shadaseetitamodhyaayah".

An earlier posting ( mail announcement ) confused the Subhadra kalyanam withSasirekhaparinayam , Sasirekha parinayam is Mayabazaar. Thanks to an alert reader ( L kotcherlakota) this was corrected . As for the detailed story of Subhadra Kalyam one may have to look into one of the eighteen Puraanaas !! We will talk about these eighteen Puraanaas some other time !!!

The story of Dasamanyaya talked about the ten men trying to cross a tumultuous swift flowing swirling river . That is a symbolic reference to the vedantic search . This issue also carries an elaboration on what is the Vedantic enquiry about. Vedantic enquiry is about the nature of relationship between Paramatma(the ultimate being) , Jeevaatma and Jagat ( universe). The various schools of Advaita ( only one with no second), Dvaita ( the two) , Vishishtadvaita are all based on the trio of Vedas , Brahma sutras and Bhagavadgita.

The story, "dasamanyaya" rings a bell for most people familiar with the story of Paramanndayya sishyulu - the disciples of a Swami Paramanandayya !! It is presented under one more thing

The information on a Trust in the name of a person dear to Kasarabadas namely Prof Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao who scaled Academic and Professional heights. A profile of Prof Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao is also added for information. This information is available at the links indicated above and the same are also carried under Trust

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