Sundara kanda:

Chapter 36

Hanuman gives Rama's Anguliyakam !!

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Chapter Summary : Hanuman

Hanuman then gave the Ring with Rama's name to Sita who was delighted and knew that Hanuman is indeed the messenger of Sri Rama. Sita asks Hanuman why Rama has not taken upon himself to destroy the Rakshasas and protect her. Hanuman tells Sita that Rama is not aware of her whereabouts. Rama is indeed lost always thinking of Sita.



Chapter 36

With a view to increase the confidence of Sita Hanuman , the great valorous one and the son of Wind god, spoke again with respect. " Oh Great Lady ! I am a Vanara. I am the messenger of SriRama the most powerful. Pl see this ring with with Rama's name .

Saying so Hanuman gave the ring to Sita. Taking the ring which adorned the hand of Sri Rama she started looking at the same. She was delighted and happy as though she was obtained her husband . That lady with a plain heart was delighted with the message from her husband. She spoke with sweet words honoring the great Vanara.

" Oh Great Vanara! you are a victorious one, a capable one, and one who knows everything. Hence you were able to enter this impenetrable Lanka. Indeed it is my good fortune that the follower of dharma and ever truthful Sri Rama and Sumitra's on and the great warrior Lakshmana are safe. Sri Rama in his anger is capable of burning down the whole earth . Why is he not doing that ? "

Hearing these words the powerful Hanuman replied to Sita , bending his head respectfully." Oh Sita Rama does not know that you are here. So he is not able to take you back like Indra took Sachidevi".

"Oh Devi, the SriRama is always thinking about you and looking for you. He adopted a rigorous life to get you back".

Sita too was free from sorrow upon hearing the praises of Srirama and looked like the Moon freed from the cloud cover. But after hearing that Rama was in sorrow , she was again full of sorrow and looked like the moon enveloped by a cloud cover .

Thus ends the chapter 36 of Sundarakanda.

Om tat Sat


om tat sat