Chapter 37

Hanuman displays his true image

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Chapter Summary : Hanuman

Hanuman offers to carry Sita on his back to unite her with SriRama. To an incredulous Sita who is wonderstruck as to how the small Vanara, a monkey, in front of her could think of such a deed , Hanuman shows his true form by growing to the size of a mountain . Seeing that Sita's doubts are cleared. But still she says no to his offer because of her vows of chastity. She tells Hanuman that it will be befitting if SriRama defeats the Ten headed Rakshasa king and takes her back.



Chapter 37

Sita whose face lit up like the full moon on hearing those words , spoke to Hanuman with words full of meaning and following the right course. " Oh Vanara the words that Rama is always thinking of me are like nectar . The words that my husband is in grief are like poison ".

The Rakshasa king Ravana set a one year deadline. In that now tenth month is going on and only two months are left. At the end of those two months I will give up my life.

When Sita who is emaciated with deep sorrow on account of separation from SriRama, and whose eyes are filled with tears spoke thus , then Hanuman spoke to her. " As soon as SriRama hears my report he will come back with a great army of Vanaras immediately . Otherwise Oh great lady I can make you free from the ocean of sorrows . Please climb on my back and I can take you safely across the ocean. I have the power to even carry this lanka along with Ravana".

Hearing those wonderful words , Sita was delighted . Yet wondering she spoke to Hanuman." O Hanuman , How can you carry me over such long distance? From this I think you are displaying the Vanara character ! Hearing those words of Sita , the powerful Hanuman felt insulted. He realized 'Sita does not know my strength or capability. Hence I must show the form euqal to that of a mountain which I can take of my own freewill'. Then Hanuman who can destroy all enemies, showed his powerful form to Sita.

His powerful form resembled a mountain. His face was red with teeth that were sharp like diamonds. Then he spoke to Sita . " Oh Devi I can lift this city of Lanka with its mountains , forests , forts and fortified walls. So set aside your doubts . You can climb on my back and reach the place where Rama and Lakshmana are living thus removing their sorrow !

The lotus eyed Sita then spoke to Hanuman who assumed a size equal to that of a mountain. " Oh Hanuman I know your strength and valor , your ability to travel with the speed of wind, and your valor equaling the fire. O best of Vanaras , can any normal human being cross this unimaginable ocean and come to this place ?

" It is not proper that I come with you . The very speed at which you travel may make my dizzy. When you are traveling at such heights with such speed I may fall down out of fear. Oh destroyer of enemies ! I do not have the courage to travel with you because while you protect me you own safety may jeopardized.

O Vanara ! According to the vows of chastity I do not touch any person other than SriRama as long as I live. Killing the ten headed Rakshasa along with his coterie and taking me back is the only action that befits SriRama .

"Hence O best of Vanaras Bring SriRama here along with the army of Vanaras and Lakshmana. I am emaciated with deep sorrow on account of separation from Sri Rama. Bring SriRama and make me happy."

Thus ends chapter 37 of Sundarakanda

Om tat sat