Chapter 38

Sita tells the story of Kakasura and

.. gives her Chudamani !

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Chapter Summary : Hanuman

Hanuman asks Sita to give him a token which Srirama will recognize. Then sita relates to him the story of the crow which troubled her during their stay in ChitraKuta. Telling how an angry Srirama deployed the Brahmastra against the crow for its offense she tells Hanuman to remind SriRama of her pitiable condition and about the one month deadline set by Ravana. Finally She gives her Chudamani also as token. Receiving the token Hanuman gets ready for the return journey


Chapter 38

Hearing the words of Sita, Hanuman was happy . Then Hanuman the expert in speaking spoke to her again.

"O Devi of auspicious looks , what you have spoken is indeed proper . And it is in line with the feminine nature and that of a virtuous wife. O Devi the second reason mentioned by you that you will not touch any person other than SriRama is worthy of you being the wife of that exalted person. Who else but you can say that ? O Devi Sri Rama will hear from me the full account of what you have done and all that you have spoken to me . O Lady if you cannot come with me please give me some token of remembrance which Raghava can recognize".

Requested by Hanuman thus Sita with a voice choked with tears spoke to him. " Please tell my most dear Rama the following story as a an excellent token"

" The northeast corner of the foothills of ChitraKuta mountains is rich in fruits , roots and water. In that place near the river Mandakini there is a Siddhaasrama. This happened when we were living there as a ascetics . Near the Siddhaasrama there were lots of groves full of variety of flowers with fragrances . Having sported in those groves and being tired, I was resting with you. Then a crow greedy of flesh began to peck in between my breasts. I was warding off the crow with earthy stones".

The great SriRama seeing me in distress stung between my breasts , hissing like an angry serpent and in anger spoke to me. " O Sita who is that who wounded you in your breasts. Who is that who wishes to play with an angry full hooded serpent ". Then SriRama looking around saw that crow standing in front of me.

Then the wise and powerful SriRama with his eyes burning with anger , deciding to punish the crow, picked up a blade of kusa grass from the mat and charged the same with the power of Brahmastra. It burst into blazing flames in front of that bird. Then SriRama hurled that mystic weapon at the Crow. Then that missile chased the crow as it flew away in the skies.

" That crow having gone around the three worlds came back to request protection from SriRama himself. SriRam the protector of whole world looking at the Crow lying on the ground and pleading for protection decided to save the same though it was deserving death "

O Rama you have deployed a Brahmastra on crow for my sake, why are you not killing this Ravana who carried me away? O Rama you are man of illustrious nature and extraordinary vigor. Your wife is here like one without a protector. Please show mercy on her"

Hearing these pitiable words of Sita with tears , Hanuman the son of Vayu spoke to her. " O Devi hear me. I am telling you the truth . Because of the grief of separation SriRama is always thinking of you and is not interested any other thing. Lakshmana too is full of sorrow seeing SriRama. O illustrious Lady some how I have located you. This is not the time for sorrowing. Soon these sorrows will disappear."

After Hanuman spoke thus , Sita still grieving in sorrow then spoke to Hanuman the best of Vanaras. " Please tell SriRama the son of Kausalya and the leader of the world that I am enquiring about his welfare. Convey my obeisances to him. You please remind him again that "I will be alive only for one more month. At the end of this month I will not live a moment longer . That is the truth. "

Then she removed the Chudamani tied in her garment and she gave it to Hanuman saying " give this to Raghava"

Hanuman took that powerful chudamani which till then adorned Sita . Like a mountain shaken by great winds and stabilized itself , Hanuman too feeling reinvigorated got ready for the return journey .

Thus ends Chapter 38

om tat sat